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the Base of the company of Nissan
Nissan Company entered the market with a break-even sales level reaching impressing for that years figures - 20000 cars in a year.
the History of the company of Nissan begins with opening avtomobilnogozavoda Kwaishinsha Co., created in 1911 pervootkryvatelemjaponskoj the automobile industry Mr. Masuhiro Hasimoto (MasujiroHashimoto) in area Azabu-Hiro (Azabu-Hiroo) Tokyo.
has been exhausted small, similar to a box, passazhirskijavtomobil own design which in a year debuted on rynkepod name Dat Car later. Its maximum speed made 32 km/hour. Name Dat represents an abbreviation from the first letters familijtreh the basic patrons of art of Mr. Hasimoto: Kenhiro Den (Kenjiro Den), (Rokuro Aoyama) and Mejtaro Takeuchi (Meitaro Takeuchi).krome it name Dat in Japanese language means Rokuro Aojama «live, quick».

is 26 äåêàáðÿ1933 year when company-predecessor Jidosha SeizoCo has been formed Official date of creation of the company of Nissan., Ltd. With an authorised capital stock in 10,000,000 ¥. The president of the company bylnaznachen Mr. Joshisuke Ajkava (Yoshisuke Aikawa).

on June, 1st, 1934 the company name has been changed to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Export of first cars Datsun to Asia, Central ijuzhnuju America in number of 44 cars began.
building of the first factory of Nissan - Yokohama Plant has been finished.

the first passenger car Datsun descended from the conveyor of factory Yokohamav April, 1935. At that time Nissan passed on ispolzovaniekomplektujushchih only Japanese manufacture and established the press dljaproizvodstva body panels, thereby putting an end manual obrabotkemetallicheskih sheets.
the first corporate symbolics Has been accepted: a circle red tsvetasimvoliziroval a rising sun, blue colour - the sky. The slogan togovremeni - «Sincerity brings success».

Post-war restoration

Restoring manufacture after the Second World War termination, Nissan company created some legendary models.

In the end of 1943, in the heat of the Second World War, proizvodstvoavtomobilej and auto trucks it has been completely stopped. In September 1944ãîäà head office of the company of Nissan Motor Co. Moved to Tokyo, rajonnihonbashi (Nihonbashi).

In 1947 manufacture legkovyhavtomobilej Datsun has been again started. The company started to increase volumes proizvodstvaposle the compelled stop of factories.

Nissan Company made use of the experience of manufacture voennyhavtomobilej which was considerably profound during the second mirovojvojny, and exhausted legendary off-road car Patrol. polnoprivodnajamodel with the 85-strong 6-cylinder engine surpassed on moshchnostidvigatelja and load-carrying capacity the American car Willis of Jeep.

Contradictions between employees and a management kompaniivylilis in 100-day strike of workers. After the permission etogokonflikta the Union of Workers of Nissan Motors - new profsojuznajaorganizatsija has been created. This Union set as the purpose creation sovremennyhvzaimootnosheny between workers and the managing directors, based on printsipevzaimnogo trust and respect.

In 1958 of Nissan Motor Co. Began export legkovyhavtomobilej in the USA. In September of the same year two cars Datsun 210ïðèíÿëè participation in Australian Mobil Gas Trial Rally, one of naiboleeslozhnyh rallies in the world, also won a champion title in the class.
Nissan exhausted the high quality car Datsun Bluebird created for private use from the conveyor. At that time Japanese avtomobilischitalis less practical, than import as demanded otvoditelja the big efforts at braking. Application front brakes susilitelem which allowed even to fragile women to slow down legkimnazhatiem on a pedal became for the first time one primechatelnojosobennostju Bluebird. The first generation Bluebird personified chertynadezhnogo, the attractive and durable car.

In two years after the first sales of the cars in the USA êîìïàíèÿNissan opens official compartment of Nissan Motor Corporation USA (NMC) in California.

Nissan in Europe

After successful development in America and Australia Nissan company strengthens the positions in the European market.

Nissan Company begins export of cars to the countries of Europe.

Nissan absorbs the company «Prince motor company», chtorasshirjaet staff of highly skilled engineers of the company, and gamma cars replenishes with modern models Skyline and Gloria.

there is begun release of legendary model 240Z. With the engine a working volume â2,4 than litre capacity in 150 h.p. and dynamics of cars of Porsche ìîäåëü240Z in two with superfluous time was cheaper, than its German competitor. 250Záûë it is recognised by the most sold sports car in the world in 70th of 500 000 cars Datsun 240Z it has been sold less than for 10 years.

At the height of an energy crisis Nissan Sunny model occupied pervoemesto at carrying out of tests according to the fuel efficiency, organised by the American Agency on Environment Protection (EPA), and got improbable popularity in America.

Nissan Company gets half of shares of company «Motor Iberica, S.A.» In Barcelona, Spain.

in the city of Smyrna (Smyrna), staff of Tennesi, company “Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corporation USA“ (NMMC) is based.
the Cumulative indicator of export grew to 10 million cars a year.

the Company «Nissan Motor Iberica S.A.» (Spain) begins vypuskmodeli Patrol which in a year won a victory in prestigious ralliParis-Dakar.
this year name Datsun under which production êîìïàíèèNissan was on sale, has been unified within the limits of a uniform brand - Nissan.

In Sunderland (Sunderland) the company «NissanMotor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd» from which conveyor soon descended pervyeavtomobili models Bluebird has been based.

In Great Britain the company «Nissan EuropeanTechnical Centre Ltd has been based.» - The European technical Center of the company of Nissan.

in Italy company “Nissan Italy“, which by the first poluchilastatus the National Trading Company (National Sales Company, NSC)-eksljuzivnogo the official distributor of production of Nissan on territoriistrany is based.

market Development

Company “Nissan Europe“ which was already firmly established, starts to develop and win various awards actively.

In Amsterdam company “Nissan Europe NV“ (NENV) which traced work of representations of Nissan in the countries of Europe, including questions of development of manufacture, optimisation of supply and fondovyhoperatsy is based.
In Germany company “Nissan Design Europe GmbH“ is based.
Nissan Micra developed by the known Japanese designer g-nomTokuishiro Hosaka (Tokuichiro Hosaka) and assembled in Sunderland, Great Britain, starts to be on sale in continental Europe, otkryvajaeru cars super-mini. In 1993 car wins a rank «the Car of year».

the Company «Nissan Motor Iberica S.A.» Begins release polnoprivodnojmodeli Terrano II for the European market. The model receives mirovoepriznanie and in 1999 occupies more than 15 % industrial programmyzavoda in Barcelona.

Division «Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd.» poluchaetkorolevskuju an award for the outstanding contribution to export activity jam consecutive year.
same year Nissan received the award «Global Environmental Award» zaznachitelnyj the contribution to the safety system ecologists