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Why for inquiries on road accident take money?

your questions are answered with the chief of the State traffic inspectorate of the country Victor Kiryanov.

Why in Naberezhnye Chelny administrative materials about road accident give out not free of charge but only through Open Company “TSAPO +“ which the Center of autocheck in of law enforcement bodies Plus “is the attorney of certain Open Company“. Thus from us demand payment at a rate of hundred roubles...
C respect, Victor.

the Given actions of employees of the State traffic inspectorate of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny are current legislation infringement! I will check up all, and if infringement proves to be true - corresponding measures will be taken.

* * *

dear Victor Nikolaevich! Why such receipt on payment of the penalty which would be handed over in case of infringement by the employee of GAI is not made, and the infringer only undersigned for this receipt and paid the penalty in bank cash desk? Why now to pay the penalty, it is necessary to fill With the MAGNIFIER the smallest tsiferkami not always the clear form? Perhaps it is made that it was more favourable to pay to the GAI officer with a view of economy of time and and leaving from difficulties of official payment of the penalty?

you try to write out to itself the penalty and as the simple autodriver try to pay officially this penalty personally!
Vladimir Babunov.

In a number of subjects of the Russian Federation already there is a practice when to the infringer together with the decision about imposing of the administrative penalty the receipt executed by a typographical mode on which requisites are already specified stands out.

but, unfortunately, to enter it everywhere while it is impossible, as in regions requisites of settlement accounts more often change.