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There will be on traffic lights red arrows?

your questions are answered with the chief of the State traffic inspectorate of the country Victor Kiryanov.

Hello! At me two questions on area Yasenevo

1. Along the street Ayvazovsky (a direction to the centre), at a cinema Hanoi, years 20 hangs a sign “40“, and through 300 metres a traffic light. Between a crossroads and a traffic light the road goes “from mountain“, visibility - a lemon on a lemon as speak in aircraft. Schools etc. there are not present. The question - what »there hangs this sign?

2. To turn from Paustovskys street on street Golubinsky towards street Inessy Armand without breaking it is impossible! Only on“RED“, the arrow, but to your employees there ASKS, and they of metres in 400-stah at departure on MKAD to a lamp, and chambers at them are shone, removing this horror.

Thanks you in advance for the answer. Yours faithfully, Sergey.

a road Site on street Ayvazovsky «the breakdown susceptibility Center» is a place of concentration of road traffic accidents. In the specified place the longitudinal cross-section of road has a considerable bias. For movement speed limitation on a dangerous site the corresponding road sign 3.24“Restriction of the maximum speed» 40km/ch is established.

At the moment svetofornyj object on traverse of street of Paustovsky and the street Golubinsky works on a limit of the technical possibility and allocation of a separate phase for the left turning movement is impossible.

State Unitary Enterprise “?«????»?«?¬?“ Institute develops the design documentation on ushireniju carriageways of journey of Karamzin and Paustovskys street with building of an extrastreet pedestrian crossing and reconstruction svetofornogo object which provides entering of some changes in a traffic diagramme.

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four-section traffic lights will be Sometime equipped not only a green arrow, but also red?


the Equipment of traffic lights with a designation of a symbol in the form of a red arrow is not provided by additional sections.

groups, types, executions of road traffic lights are regulated by national standards , including GOST R 52289-2004 «Means of the organisation of traffic. Rules of application of road signs, marking, traffic lights, road protections both guiding devices» and GOST R 52282-2004 «Means of the organisation of traffic. Traffic lights road. Types, critical parametres, the general technical requirements, test methods » which correspond to requirements of the International Convention on road signs and signals.