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50 years in a saddle: Vyacheslav Kitsis about itself and the motorcycles

This “ the AUTOBIOGRAPHY ” – the special. For the first time the regular employee of our edition becomes its hero. His name is familiar to all readers. The signature of leading club “Two wheels” of Vyacheslav Kitsisa under materials about the motor-technician - a thing same invariable, as a logo on the first page of “Horn“. Its authority among the colleagues writing on this theme, is indisputable. On motorcycles our Vyacheslav Grigorevich that is called, knew inside out - is engaged in them almost all life. And at it rich - the first bajk saddled life exactly half a century ago. Our interview also is devoted this original anniversary.

Holes in “Iron Curtain“

- SO, Vyacheslav Grigorevich, you received the rights of the motorcyclist in 1958. And by a motorcycle before went?

- Is not present, only dreamt of it. And went by a bicycle. However, twisted pedals not bad - dokrutilsja to the second sports category. And then saw my future “bimmer“ and was ill with it …

- Where saw?

- Then in Moscow there were the second-hand markets shaking on a variety technicians which has remained after war. One of them - in the centre of capital, in the street Pushkin. There I also was captivated by this “BMW R66 1939“ of year of manufacture. It was dazzling! In a year just the same handsome man stood at me in garage. Bought it together with spare parts for 750 roubles, and my salary those years made 90 “re“. However, I managed shabby enough copy: the motor flows, the frame rusty … Was necessary to work to make it presentable. The engine to me for a vodka bottle cleared on peskostrujnoj to installation, and it began to sparkle a sugar whiteness. Friends then were surprised: “Where you got the new motor?”

Spent on it till 66th year. In this time two more times altered. Welded a pendular frame, then added a front floating lever (a pendular plug) just like just appeared post-war “BMW R50”. Then it was the present revolution. After all completions the motorcycle flied with a speed of 150 km/h - faster, than 21st “Volga“. By the way, my present “Suzuki GSX-R 1000” too gives out such speed … on the first drive …

- How new technologies filtered from the West to usual Soviet public? After all “cold war” was in a heat, “Iron Curtain“ is lowered …

- In this curtain there were fair holes, and through them to us German motorcycle magazines got, in particular. We examined them … with what it to compare … Well so, probably, sexually anxious teenagers examine erotic photos. You hang up a picture with new model bajka to yourself on a wall, you admire and you think - that from here it is possible to use for the motorcycle?

1958.“ The motor of my first motorcycle - “BMW R66” gave out hardly more than 30 h.p.
Then I considered that it is a lot of ”.

- For this purpose it is necessary to be able to work both a head, and hands. You had a technical education?

- Is not present, I ended art school. Now would tell - design. It exhausted jewellers, chasers, cabinetmakers, fashion designers. I specialised on footwear. Almost all conscious life - 30 years - worked in the all-union House of modelling footwear.

- so boats“ Farewell, youth ”- your hands business?!

- do not laugh. We sewed exemplary footwear - elegant, convenient, easy. And that from our samples created at shoe factories - a question not to us. You will believe, put the French equipment, bought foreign raw materials and accessories - and shoes from the conveyor go typically“sovok“. Mentality, however …

- But to make bajk or to footwear steam - nevertheless things non-comparable …

is looking with what to compare. I worked of the whole five years on spetszakazu Presidium of the Supreme body of the USSR - sewed footwear for … Lenin. No, not in the Mausoleum, thank God. Simply all its clothes were stored in a museum, in the cases filled with inert gas, but at times she should “have a rest“, and then in cases placed exact copies of these things. Besides, as to us explained in the Kremlin, followed have some duplicates in different hiding places for emergency - that in case of the Third world war or any cataclysm if originals are lost, descendants could see, what trousers and boots were carried by the leader of world proletariat. Personally I did pads for footwear: working boots, target shoes and waterproof boots - “wood-grouses“. Complexity that pads should repeat in accuracy all defects, bends and wrinkles of worn Lenin footwear. With me ingenious shoemaker Misha Efimushkin worked - here who knew all about footwear! With the task we consulted, but it nenamnogo was easier, than the hands to assemble a motorcycle …

- You on “Horn“ pages already told, how in 80th years assembled classical najked. Some years, on own kitchen. As soon as the wife sustained?

- And it also did not sustain - sent on errands me together with a motorcycle. It was necessary to divorce. I stopped it to assemble besides on kitchen, but already in apartment at mum.

2008.“ Half a century after 163-strong “BMW K 1200 R” not seems to me
something other-wordly ”any more.

With it“Suzuki GT 750”in general the history turned out interesting. For that time it there was most powerful of serial duple three-cylinder bajkov in the world. Familiar motorcyclists saw, how it flew in Moscow. I searched for it of one and a half year! The matter is that the owner who brought it from Japan, only time passed along the street then put a motorcycle in garage, for safety wrapping up its mattress. And the roof wept. When a mattress removed, it appeared that“Suzuki“under this compress all blossomed. And I already had time to give for it money - everything that saved for“Zhiguli“. Fortunately, the owner too was reserved by spare parts in a prosperity so as a result I, figuratively speaking, assembled from two motorcycles one.

a buzzing baj, America!

- I KNOW, in your biography there was an episode when you decided to get over in the USA, but soon changed the mind. Why?

- Strangely enough, it too has been connected with a motorcycle. And began that I remained without work. You remember, what was created with the country in the beginning 90? When on a podium where showed my models of footwear, started to sell toilet bowls (it not a joke, and was), I decided to leave. Lived from hand to mouth, is more exact on water. Somehow in the morning my present wife spilt empty tea on cups and pensively told: “Now a slice to cheese!” - I did not begin to cry nearly, the word of honour. In 1993 when it became absolutely bad, one friend lined me to go to States - to cut down “greens“ in the country of unlimited possibilities. I sold the last technics - the Chinese minitractor (till now about it I am sorry!) - Also bought the ticket aboard the plane. In a secret pocket sewed up still pair of thousand dollars which nazanimal at friends and promised to return from future capitals. But in the USA for some reason nobody waited for me. It was ordered about without work, started missing, and then saw in motor-interior “Yamaha Eleven” - a fine motorcycle, but in a terrible condition. The policeman konfiskat. Sold it for $700 is there were more half of all my finance at that point in time. To take away a motorcycle to me there was no place, agreed that it stands in interior a little more. And here I kiss week went there as on service, and put this stuff in order. Resulted. There was a boss of interior, looked on updated bajk … and told that okej - now it costs $1.500. I howled, but formally the motorcycle was its property! Hardly persuaded to reduce the price to $1.300. Paid all sum of cash desk and as naive Buratino, left “Eleven“ for the night in interior. And when came in the morning, could receive only back the money, and that not without scandal. The motorcycle restored by my hands, for these some hours had time to sell to someone to another. Here after that I also decided that is full America on a throat. This very day went to make out the ticket to Russia …

“the Snowmobile, as, however, and any other technics for productive leisure, it, of course,
a toy, but not overindulgence!”

- Returned, you worked some years as the director of motor-interior in Moscow. Good motorcycles in our country were not perceived any more as a wonder. Lju