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“Jeep” c the Russian residence permit

in our country Italians

In Russia want to adjust Assembly of the American cars is planned to begin manufacture of cars of the stamp “ Jeep ”. It is quite probable that in their release are engaged at under construction factory “Sollers“ in the Far East. The decision on this question will be accepted within a month.

the MANAGEMENT of concern FIAT to which posesses 20 % of actions of American company “Chrysler“, declared that intends to adjust in Russia release of off-road cars “on the basis of group“ Chrysler “models. It is a question of cars of the stamp“Jeep”. However it is independent FIAT to organise assembly of these cars in Russia does not prepare, as the concern has a local partner – company“ Sollers “which is engaged in release and distribution in territory of our country of cars“ Fiats “. Besides“Sollers”already by the end of this year finishes building of the new enterprise in the Far East. Will exhaust there a commercial carrier, and also passenger “Fiats Albea“. Experts believe that this factory in a condition to master and manufacture “Jeep”. However, “Sollers” can involve in frameworks of the new project other enterprises located in the European part of Russia, in Elabuge or Naberezhnye Chelny.

but a main point not in a point of production, and in its expediency. During the best pre-crisis times for a year in Russia official dealers sold “Jeep” on 2.000 cars of the stamp. And after the announcement of group “Chrysler“ the bankrupt the Russian consumers and at all ceased to buy cars of this concern, being afraid of closing of the dealer centres and problems with spare parts. In 2009 sale fell almost to 90 %.

But FIAT and “Sollers” are assured that the stamp potential in Russia far is not settled and in process of stabilisation of the market of sale go to growth. And the manufacture organisation allows to reduce the prices. However, hardly cost of “Jeeps“ will manage to be changed essentially. After all most likely their manufacture will occur under scheme CKD (krupnouzlovaja assembly) that is capable to bring down the price at the best on 15 %. And to start in Russia high-grade manufacture of cars not the most popular stamp - even more risky variant.