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" Mercedes-Benz an E-class ": soul of the company

Representatives “ Mercedes-Benz ” name new E - the class the main car in a modelling ruler of firm

At it is all. The widest ruler of motors, powerful and simultaneously the economic. Unsurpassed level of comfort. The long list of systems of safety. Well and, certainly, beauty, which, as it is known, a matter of taste.

I PARKED the car on Plaza Murilja, directly near museum walls “ Prado ” also began to wait patiently. To whom as not to the people who have just seen enough of cloths of Velasquez and Goji to estimate beauty of a new E-class. I made it because even last autumn the main designer “ Mercedes-Benz ” Gordon Vagener assured me: “ Choosing the premium-segment car, the client first of all chooses its design. Because dynamics, comfort or safety cannot be seen. And the beauty is visible at once, and it serves some kind of a prestige signal ”.

By went madridtsy, someone stopped and clinked language. And I thought that in the present work of art including technical, is not present main and minor because everyone finds here something the. Someone, seeing this body, simply admires its sides, and someone remembers that this beauty has also the applied purpose – the new E-class has the best for business sedans aerodynamics...

Me in it first of all struck so typical for the stamp a kind and sensations... Designers Any wonderfully and designers manage to achieve incomparable feeling – even blindfold you will necessarily feel, where exactly are.

under the left foot a pedal of a parking brake traditional for the Stuttgart cars. utaplivaetsja it with an elastic metal sound – Very similar to what you hear, tightening weights on a huge floor watch of the end of a XIX-th century. By the way, here too there are hours. But not plebeian digital, and classical, with arrows, on a metre panel near to a speedometer. It is characteristic that a dial of hours here the same size, as a tachometre dial: to the owner “ Mercedes ” even it is more important to know, what time is it now, rather than, how much turns in a minute do kolenval. And more the wheel here should be held in an especial way, “ on-mersedesovski ”. If you seize it, as instructors of driving, &ldquo speak; on at a quarter to three ” to you will and twist it inconveniently, and fingers of the left hand instead of povorotnika will stick a cruise-control stick-selector. It is necessary to take a Mersedesovsky wheel from below, pushing fingers between spokes – this tradition any more one ten years. Then hands lay conveniently down on armrests, and a lever povorotnika it appears there where it and should be.

the Navigating system speaks Russian not abrupt phrases-commands, and very pleasant female voice. She knows such old words, as “ soon ” for example. And you wait that just about tells: “ Recently you were mistaken, developed... ” And when I engaged a reverse gear, on the central display there was a picture of a kind behind the car and an inscription: “ Watch the general conditions around a/m ”. To me, to tell the truth, became somehow not on itself of that “ Mercedes ” here so obrusel. It all the same that on a dial “ Vacheron Constantin ” it would be in Russian written “ 17 stones ” or “ it is made in Switzerland ”.

the Difference in money

to PAINT comfort “ Mercedes-Benz ” – employment, to put it mildly, the silly. Certainly, all here the best. One only materials of an upholstery of seats now six, and their colour combinations – five. The program of variants of decorative furnish in general doubled in comparison with model-predecessor. An E-class – probably, one of few cars where wooden panels look better, than the polished metal. The dark brown matte ash-tree is especially beautiful. In general by working out of an interior designers were guided by the slogan “ Welcome Home ” – “ Welcome home ”: only natural materials, unostentatious illumination, other not only functional, but also cosy trifles. It is necessary to tell, as concept “ a house cosiness ” in a new E-class now rose on new height.

“ I do not understand, how they will sell now a S-class – asked a rhetorical question someone from the western colleagues-journalists. And really: still the big luxury will think up now very difficult. In comparison with the previous E-class the interior on two fingers became longer and on three is wider. The front panel is unambiguously similar to a similar detail of a representation limousine from Stuttgart. Between front seats – the aluminium controller which some years ago developed for a S-class. Therefrom removed and shtorka with the electric drive, closing a rear window. In front armchairs now there is a massage function that was accessible only on &ldquo earlier; Mercedes ” a class above. Steering of position of armchairs still on doors that basically is convenient. However when I sat on a passenger place some times casually touched these buttons with a knee and the armchair under me unexpectedly started to change position. And on a key steering wheel very much “ gentle ”. They steer indications of the on-board computer and loudness of a radio tape recorder. And to press on them it is necessary very carefully, differently... The horn hoots. Few times I casually frightened thus those who stood ahead on a traffic light.

for two days in Madrid I could test and the five-litre petrol version, and “ budgetary ” a diesel engine “ E250 CDI ”. Basically, if not to pursue space speedups and not to try to play a draught on multistrip highway – and to the present owner “ Mercedes-Benz ” did not stick neither that, nor another, – that a difference here only in money. Well and in such details, as steering of box work in a manual mode. More powerful versions are equipped with a seven-step box, with petals behind a steering wheel. On weaker – five-step “ the automatic machine ” with the handle on the central tunnel. Though who told “ weak ”? The mentioned diesel engine carried me with a speed of 240 km/h. In a complete silence. The noise isolation at the car is that, what even on the big speeds is not audible almost neither the motor, nor tyres.

In general to test all variants in which the E-class will be offered in the market, it would be necessary to spend week two. Ten variants of the engines, two variants of the drive gear, three variants of a suspender...

the Science and the technics

In Germany at me is one familiar owner predydshchego an E-class. Every Friday he drinks beer in the same company. And when after a policy, football and women speech comes about cars, he patiently listens pohvalbu to the friends, and then always speaks same: “ In mine “ Mercedes-Benz ” three ten patented inventions, and in your cars how much? ”

the Worship for technical achievements for Germans the present religion. “ Mercedes-Benz ” – to the core the German car and consequently in its design everything is put practically, than for today scientists can brag. To take at least safety systems – useful in Europe, but not always pertinent at us owing to our mentality and road realities.

the radar scans a road marking and signals vibration on a wheel if you, without engaging povorotnik, suddenly left a number. For us it is not too actual. First, not all Russian owners “ Mercedes ” like to engage a turning movement signal. Secondly, the marking at us is distinguishable far not on all roads. Therefore would be where more usefully if the radar traced, for example, holes or open hatches, beforehand warned about them, and even braked lightly the car.

if your speed is too great, and the distance to vperediidushchego the car is thus small, the special system not only notifies you on dangerous rapprochement, but also itself starts to slow down,