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Interview to the general director “Castrol” in the CIS countries, Turkey and Scandinavia

Mandir Singh, the general director “ Castrol ” in the CIS countries, Turkey and Scandinavia:

“About what production will be claimed in 20-30 years, it is necessary to think already now”

Engine oil – the basic article of incomes of the companies on manufacture of greases. The majority of motor-car manufacturers asserts in the meantime that in long-term prospect it any more is not required, as cars will be entirely electric. Than then such companies, how, for example “Castrol” will be engaged? About it, and also Mandir Singh, the general director told about more essential problems in business of manufacturers of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS to the correspondent of “Horn“ “Castrol” in the CIS countries, Turkey and Scandinavia.

- BECAUSE OF a large quantity of counterfeit production in Russia many car-care centres do not recommend to use your oil. How you struggle with fakes, and they put what loss to your company?

- the Loss first of all imidzhevyj. It is a problem of all manufacturers of a segment “premium“, whether we speak about footwear, about spirits or engine oil. Yes, forgeries do our production less popular: the buyer is afraid to run into a fake.

unfortunately to eradicate this problem it is impossible. We do everything that in our forces. Very densely we work with the Russian authorities. Also I want to notice: in spite of the fact that the quantity of fakes is very great, your authorities operate extremely operatively and adequately. We try to think up more and more progressive modes of protection of our production - for example hologrammes. Money too protects, but forges also them.

- the Tendency of last years - struggle for fuel economy and ecology. Motorcar giants use the best efforts to improve the indicators on these positions. And manufacturers of greases can bring the mite in this process?

- it is unconditional. After all engine work directly depends on quality of oil. However considerably to reduce fuel consumption in the car only by means of any advanced oil it is impossible. It is a complex problem and that it to solve, we densely co-operate with such companies, as BMW, “Volkswagen”, “Ford”. In our forces to make so that oil did the minimum harm to environment both during operational losses, and in the course of recycling.

- many manufacturers of cars consider that the future behind electromobiles to which engine oil almost is not required. Be not afraid, what progress kills your business?

- Engine oil, probably, also is not required, and other greases? Certainly, we attentively trace all tendencies. After all to save business, it is necessary to think of production which will be claimed in 20-30 years now already. As to electromobiles, that, by our estimations, they receive mass application not earlier, than in 40-50 years. So time is. However we already now conduct workings out of essentially new greases. About what particularly there is a speech - will not tell. It is the strict secret which is stored in our research centre.

- earlier you actively sponsored racing commands. It is clear, in sports cars fill in your oil - excellent advertising. Now you became the official partner of the World championship in football. You expect to receive what kickback?

- We continue cooperation and with motor racing. Probably, in smaller volumes, but nevertheless. As to football … It is the most popular sport, ten millions fans prepare at TVs, at stadiums, in sports bars to look at a match. But it is not necessary to think that all of them after the World championship go and change oil in the car on “Castrol”. The problem costs more widely. If want, it is work on image, on recognition of a brand. Well and, certainly, on the future. After all football looks also youth. For it “Castrol” any more will not be an empty phrase.

Besides, similar sponsorship expands possibilities and in work with partners - with automobile companies, the dealer enterprises and the services-centres. But as a whole to estimate effect from World championship sponsorship very difficult: it has too wide influence.

- it is known that your production is used and in space branch. Why we do not use this fact in advertising? The same achievement of “space scale”?

- Excellent idea. Simply excellent. After all we really deliver our production for use in space vehicles. I will necessarily pass your offer in headquarters. By the way, I want to notice that we also work with ship builders and aircraft. There too our PETROLEUM PRODUCTS are used.

- as crisis was reflected in work of your company? Or you did not notice it - all the same, to refuse regular replacement of oil the most economical automobile owner does not risk even?

- Our sales fell, after all the serious part of sale is based on deliveries of our oils to motor-car manufacturers. But to it is much worse, than to us. Sales of new cars were reduced, but the general park did not decrease, and began to increase simply smaller rates. Therefore at us still it is a lot of clients: You correctly noticed what to spend maintenance operation without oil replacement it is impossible. Pleases us and that fact that consumers understand: to save on good oil it is not necessary - the possible repair of the engine called by its premature deterioration, crosses out all economy. In heavy Russian operating conditions it is especially actual.

- motor-car manufacturers test the cars in different environmental conditions. You need to go worldwide or enough laboratory probes?

- the Laboratory is a basis. But real life more richly on unforeseen events. We carry out tests of the cars using our greases, in different hemispheres - from Scandinavia to Australia. But the main our proving ground are races, rally and other. There very rigid and specific requirements. Exists, for example, special “dakarovskoe“ oil. We know how to create products for extreme conditions. And it allows to make the mass goods with big “safety factor“.