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Interview to the general director “Land Rover Jaguar”

David Smith, the general director “ Land Rover Jaguar ”:

“to save the face to us it is more important, than to increase sales volumes”

the next years “Land Rover” starts to exhaust democratic crossovers, and “Jaguar” can deduce new compact model on the market. Assembly of cars in Russia is interesting to Englishmen, and in India, in the location of shareholders – no. The general director told About it and many other things to the correspondent of “Horn“ “Land Rover Jaguar” David Smith.

- “JAGUAR Land Rover” officially passed under control of the Indian motorcar giant “Tata Motors” hardly more year back. How to you this time with Indians was worked?

- if you want to hear from me the criticism to the new owner “Land Rover Jaguar” do not wait. Yes, we had to reduce manufacture, to dismiss 2.500 persons, to reduce working week about four days. But it is a compulsory measure, instead of a whim of new owners as represent many mass-media. The automobile market strongly changed for last year, its volume was reduced to 25-30 %. In this situation all players made difficult decisions. However I want to notice that, despite difficulties, for the last year we deduced six new models on the market, presented the new concept of design of our cars. In general, we continue to develop, though company “Ford“ already is not present near to us.

- Several weeks ago you presented on court of the main shareholder the company plan for development the next five-ten years. How it has been estimated?

- As a whole it is positive. The matter is that “Tata Motors” acts mainly in a role of the investor and does not get into details. As to global investment projects representatives “Tata” completely supported them. In brief the essence is that: expansion of modelling scale, in particular, at the expense of the democratic compact crossover “Land Rover” constructed on base kontsepta “LRX”. Besides, Ratan Tata (the head of the company “Tata Motors”. - a comment of Red. ) somehow stated desire to see in a ruler “Jaguar” compact model. So the questions are engaged in my plan, concerning possible working out and manufacture of such model. The increase in presence in the strategic markets, first of all in Russia and China Besides, is meant. And also work on creation of more economic and harmless cars. For example, by drop of weight at the expense of wider use of aluminium.

- Why, naming the strategic markets, on the first place you did not put India? After all at you there, as a matter of fact, unlimited possibilities. .

- the Indian market, certainly, is very interesting to us. In May we opened there our first showroom. However are more perspective, anyway the next five-ten years, for “Land Rover Jaguar” all the same Russia and China. In India the market “premium“ is too small, and while any motions is not expected.

- technical cooperation “Tata Motors“and“Land Rover Jaguar”, or at the companies too different levels and tasks in view is how much perspective?

- First of all, acquisition “Land Rover Jaguar” is a strategic long-term investment of means for “Tata Motors”. But for a year of cooperation we came to a conclusion that to us to eat than share with each other.“ Tata ”opened to us road on the Indian market, helped to find favourable suppliers of accessories. And now we discuss, what our technical operating time can be used“Tata”in manufacture of own cars.

- That is it is fast“ Jaguars “and“ Land Rover ”will be made from the Indian accessories?

- it is too loudly told. I did not say that we refuse our present suppliers. No. Easier any company searches more favourable partners. We are not ready to renounce quality, but we consider offers from the firms working in the different countries, including in India.

- whether you thought of the organisation of manufacture of the cars in this country?

- Is not present, now India interests us only as the supplier of accessories. To transfer manufacture from Great Britain we do not prepare. Other question - local assembly for demand maintenance in the concrete country. These projects are reflected in the company plan for development the next years.

- Russia is among them?

- Yes. Such possibility will be considered. But, as you understand, it is a question about krupnouzlovoj to assembly. We have similar manufactures in Turkey, Pakistan, Kenya... It is not excluded that the factory on assembly “Land Rover Jaguar” appears and in Russia.

- whether your company in electromobiles the future sees?

- we consider that the big powerful cars never can become electric for hundred percent. Certainly, if we want to save the same technical characteristics that we have now. The electricity as an auxiliary element, certainly, will take place. And we develop similar cars. Now we work in two directions. The first - hybrid “Jaguar XJ” which allocates for run kilometre in two with superfluous time less ÑÎ2, than the most economic midget car with a traditional internal combustion engine. The second - diesel hybrids for cars “Land Rovers“.

- In one of interview you told that “Jaguar” considers possibility to renew work on creation of a luxury hatchback, and this model should appear in 2012. All goes according to plan?

- In that interview I only told that we will expand a lineup. And to present novelties “XF”, “XJ” some models in others, probably, intermediate classes will be added. Concrete about a hatchback I did not tell Something, it is not necessary domyslivat. If it also is created, not in 2012, and later.

- World sales “Jaguars“ in comparison with other bonus brands are insignificant. For example, last year it has been realised only 65.000 cars. Demand strongly grew with occurrence “XF”. What do you expect from your main novelty - representation “XJ”?

- the first display “Jaguar XJ” passed simply on hurrah. I with impatience wait, when all interested persons can test this car. It is assured, our leader does not disappoint you. Certainly, we expect to increase sales and at the expense of this model, and at the expense of new versions “XF”. However we do not aspire at all to record indicators of sales. “Jaguar” - an especial brand, it are chosen by the people dividing our values. To us each new buyer is expensive. But frequently, trying to please as it is possible bolshemu for number of clients and aspiring to increase sales volumes, the companies lose the face. “Jaguar” on it does not go never.