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" Opel Astra ": new height

" Opel Astra " sets standards in the class

Receiving from elder sister “ Insignia ” not only design elements, but also set of the innovations, new “Astra” became one of the most technically advanced cars in a segment. And thanks to high level of comfort in it you feel even more, as in the car a class above.

LAST summer I already rushed on it highway. The speedometer showed 180 km/h, but in interior was so silent that I, without straining a voice, discussed with the colleague that Changes at the serial car in comparison with a prototype on which we then went...

Passed three months. The premiere on the Frankfurt interior showed that did not exchange practically anything... Well, unless for me all was now a little differently. Now I flied on avtobanu Frank-furt – Darmstadt with a speed of 200 km/h though carried me any more topovaja 180-strong turboversija. The fourth of six possible drives is unscrewed to limiting 6.500 rpm. Under a cowl does not growl and does not howl, and the modest 140-strong turbo-motor in volume of 1,4 l easy rustles. No, I did not prepare to break a record of speed in 432 km/h, established on the same highway in 30th years of the last century as great German tried to make it Racer Bernd Rozemajer. I now go better to understand only quickly ambitions of new “Aster“, including the high-speed. Only I this time share the impressions not with the colleague-journalist, and with the engineer of firm “Opel“. More correctly, he speaks, and I only listen.

- the comfort maximum, last innovations and expressive design is only few of those qualities with whom we want to involve in the numbers not only owners of cars of a golf class, but also the clients who have got used to cars of a premium-segment, - the engineer participating in working out of new “Aster“ speaks. By the way, It is a tendency of last years - like you drive the compact machine, but sensation absolutely others. Spacious interior, worthy quality of materials, the sufficient review and absence of any expressed noise and vibrations. What for to overpay for the premium-segment car when similar level of comfort you test in more modest on dimensions and not less expressive outwardly the car?

here only here still the robotised box of type DSG, and so, on a choice usual “automatic machine“ and 6-step “mechanics“. I sounded this thought to the engineer, and it already was opened a mouth to give out me all information, but in time came round, probubniv that the new box already is, but to all supposedly the time.

“we live cars”

FROM ABOVE over a head the bridge, in which dark aperture seventy years ago as in a target, Bernd Rozemajer aimed flashed. The great racer could then to think that in seventy years on the same road the usual car however equipped with an adaptive suspender “FlexRide”, working in three different modes “Tour” will rush, “Standard” and “Sport” and capable as much as possible effectively to keep the car in turning movement. Biksenonovymi headlights of head light with nine automatically activated functions that in this class of cars is applied for the first time. And also system “Opel Eye“ which is reading out road signs... Alas, Bernd to these miracles not Lived, because broke just during attempt to establish a record of speed on here this highway.

in those days very few people thought of safety, racers went without a helmet, and in their ears there was an intolerable noise from a running air flow. To me at the wheel new “Aster“ it was safe, silent and comfortable. Instead of a helmet - six airbags, and a superfluous sound and jolting were cleaned by engineers. For example, thanks to new bearing parts of the motor of vibration it was possible to lower already on 183 %, acoustic noise from doors and apertures - on 35 %. And so on each element, from suspenders of wheels to door-locks and sealants with the general result on all car - 50 % (at driving on highway for the speed of 60 km/h) in comparison with the predecessor. The volume of laboriously done work impresses. To see, new Company “Opel“ slogan - “Wir leben Autos”, that is “We live cars”, - not simply beautiful words.

progress is obvious

- YOU KNOW, how much in the world of people more low growth of 155 sm and above 190 sm? - Me the engineer and there and then itself suddenly asks and answers, - only five percent. But we too considered them by working out and adjustment of ergonomic seats!

and I think, why, having removed on a habit to a limit back, I hardly got a wheel. Obviously not only thanks to increased on 71ěě to a wheelbase.
as an option on new “Astra” system “FlexFix“ is offered,
thanks to which it is possible to take with itself in road two bicycles in lump no more than 40 kg.
then my companion in detail to me told about gear Uatta that in a rear suspension which not only reduces offset of a rear axle of the car in Turning movements, but also reduces loading by sajlent-blocks, allowing to do them by softer, and about new torsionnoj to a beam with set of variants of resettings under different versions of a body. And I, in turn, noted, as drives accurately and softly are engaged both the clutch pedal works, and complained of shortage of pull-rod at the fifth and sixth steps. There were questions and to an adaptive suspender “FlexRide”. Depending on modes electronic modules are changed by options of front and rear suspenders, steering system and reaction to gas. And when we went by a prototype, this difference was notable, and now is not present!

According to the German, in the serial version of car “FlexRide“ these options can be changed not only compulsorily, automatics itself, even in a standard mode, if necessary corrects. Characteristics of suspenders. It has been made presenting to goers as much as possible chustva comfort.

and really, in whatever mode I went, felt always remarkably. To see, indeed attributes of a segment “premium“ registered now and in a class of compact cars. Both from the technical point of view, and on emotional perception a star “Astra” - in translation from Greek “aster“ means “star“ - ascended to new height. Works of engineers, verifiers and the same racers risking once life for the sake of technical perfection and new achievements, did not pass for nothing.