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“A limit of Mosli”

“ the Formula 1 ” the shock

to Commands “F 1” again wait how with them Medunarodnaja automobile federation (FIA) addresses bothered. Its president Max Mosli in aspiration to reduce an expense of “stables“ in the conditions of crisis is ready to go on drastic measures on cutting-down of the budget of participants. The technical regulations of preparation of race cars thus change. Many commands of it do not want and threaten to leave the World championship. First signs can become “Ferrari”.

the MAIN argument against which the president of federation Max Mosli in a question of reforming of the championship, &ndash leans; it is leaving “Honda”. Though the majority of experts are assured that not economic crisis, and constant defeats of a Japanese command was the reason for that, nobody can guarantee that to its example also other “stables“ in the near future do not follow.

Zadacha Mosli, as he said, - to save other participants and whenever possible to involve others. Last pre-crisis years “the entrance ticket” for the World championship was very expensive. New commands had to pay huge money for possibility to debut. Year from a year the number of interested persons was reduced, while definitively did not come to naught. To private collectives the road to the championship has been almost closed. Manufacturers, shaft rushed in “F 1”, excited quotations, and to keep up with them with the budget less than in $300 million it was not represented possible.

double standards

NOW Mosli threatens to limit compulsorily expenses of commands for car construction. At first named a limit in 30 million pounds sterling, then the lath has been hoisted to 40 million FIA does not force present commands to spend such sums is only alternative to operating system.“ Stables ”have the right will spend so much money, how much want, but those from them which agree on budget restriction, receive additional technical freedom. It is a question of possibility to build the car with flexible rear wings, to do motors with unlimited number of revolutions, to use systems KERS bolshej capacities. For those commands which intend to exceed“ a limit of Mosli ”, more rigid technical regulations on creation of race cars will operate.

commands gave a hostile reception to the offer of Mosli. They do not like possibility of coexistence of two regulations. Still it is not known, what of them appears more preferably. It even the experts of technical commission FIA making the arch of technical freedom for“ limited in the finance ”regulations now cannot tell. Its some points of many experts shocked: in addition by these rules it is authorised to make a drive gear on all four wheels. Experiments with an all wheel drive in “F 1” was not since 70th years of the last century, and that were, came to an end with deafening failures.

but the most important thing - commands are dissatisfied with methods of a management of the championship. According to bosses of “stables“, the federation ignores Association of commands “Formulas 1” (FOTA) though that has many “interesting ideas” in a question of drop of expenses. In particular, at session FOTA decisions to forbid tests in the winter have been made during the championship, and also to increase a resource of engines and gear boxes. By means of these measures, under the statement of the vice-president “Mercedes Motorsport” Norberta Hauga, expenses already it was possible to reduce to 30 %, and now FOTA prepares new offers for FIA on cutting-down of expenses.

many questions of Association of commands were answered through the press with one of heads FIA Adam Parr. Regulations bifurcation is not pleasant? Any problems! It is enough to accept only among themselves in the ranks of FOTA the gentlemans agreement and as all to act under regulations with the limited budget. Then all will operate within the limits of the same rules.

the criticism concerning management methods with the championship was answered with Mosli. He does not see the reasons for excitement. FOTA for it - not that organisation with which it is possible to co-operate. Max is assured: even if half of operating commands leaves, the championship does not suffer from it. To the place of left others necessarily come. Really, after the publication of the project of regulations with budget restriction the desire to participate in the championship declared “Prodrive”, “Lola”, “Super Aguri” and some commands acting now in series GP2. Quite probably, behind some of these statements there is Mosli. Friends in an autosporting world at it still more than enemies, and it quite could use communications to press on FOTA. Now, when hardly probable not the ten collectives declared intentions to come in “the Formula 1”, Mosli can quite manipulate that are already presented in the World championship.

without optimism

By the END of spring almost all charts FOTA in opposition with Mosli appeared bits. Even such like a strong trump, as a hard line “Ferrari”. The president of the Italian stamp of the Onion di Montezemolo is head FOTA. Its command - the unique participant of all championships “Formulas 1”, since 1950. Undoubtedly, “Scuderia“ - most popular “stable“ in the world, its fans are more half of all audience of the championship. It seemed, what “Ferrari” of Mosli is obliged to take opinion into consideration.

hardly position about new regulations has been published, di Montezemolo declared that if FIA does not change the decision, “Ferrari” leaves the championship. Besides, the Italian team brought an action against federation for infringement of the arrangement on impossibility of changes of regulations without the consent of a management of “Ferrari“. Italians achieved such privilege in 2005 when FOTA only began the activity.“ The Scuderia ”then did not enter association and guaranteed FIA the participation in the championship irrespective of a position of other manufacturers. In exchange for it“Ferrari”received the veto on all decisions of federation. And here now decided to use it not to allow Mosli to enter system of restriction of budgets.

the situation could be resolved at a meeting of representatives FOTA and Mosli at Heathrow airport in some days after“ Grand prix of Spain ”... In Monaco, at repeated meeting... In the Parisian court where the claim“Ferrari”was considered...

it was not resolved. Meetings of bosses of commands and Mosli, as always, in what did not result - on concessions nobody went. The court agreed with arguments of Mosli: say,“Ferrari”had no right to submit the claim as now its president heads FOTA that contradicts conditions of the initial arrangement between a command and FIA. It is More than that, Max declared that will not regret, if“Ferrari”indeed leaves the championship.

As events will develop, analysts not undertake to predict. Among other variants it is not excluded that FOTA organises the alternative championship. The only thing that holds manufacturers in “to the Formula 1”, is a brand of “royal races”. But if factory commands and do not find common language with FIA they in the championship will be not not kept also by it. The same collectives that make skeleton “F 1”, can organise own superiority with any name and already play it by the rules. It is the most pessimistic scenario. But a problem that optimistical while is not present at all. Clearly that lost-free does not manage. A question only in what will be their scales.