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Vladimir Dukelsky, the steering director “KiaMotorsRus”

“ We managed quantitative break, and now we struggle for quality ”

Company “Kia“ – one of the few who managed to increase in crisis year the share in the Russian market to rise on the fifth place in a rating of sales, to expand a dealer network. For 2010 plans “Kias“ are not less ambitious. In our market there will be three new models, expansion of a marketing network will proceed, works on building of own factory near St.-Petersburg come to an end. The steering director of “Kia Motors Rus“ Vladimir Dukelsky told about it to the correspondent of “Horn“.

- LAST year it is possible to name safely year “Kia“. Despite crisis you showed positive dynamics, increased the share in the market. How it was possible to you during such difficult period?

- I Hope, as 2010 will be year “Kia”. Anyway, we make everything that it to achieve. And the success formula is simple enough: despite of everything, not to stop, develop, put means in business. Hard everything but instead of complaining of crisis, it is necessary to go forward. We went on this way and won. Last year presented five new models. It allowed “Kia” not only to increase the share in the Russian market, but also to get to number of the strongest in a rating of sales. And jumped from the eleventh place among foreign stamps at once on the fifth. Besides, we hoisted on new level work with dealers and for it have been rewarded. In 2008 when yet there was no uniform importer of “Kia Motors Rus“, on level of satisfaction of dealers we were on 25 place. And now by results of two last probes entered into a three of the best.

- more than the sold cars - there is more than work for the service centres. You with it while do not have problems?

- Is not present, and we count that will not be. Last year we seriously modernised our dealer network. And not only quantitatively, but also it is qualitative. First of all worked over premises, increased both show-rumy of the operating centres, and technical zones. Besides, we opened our educational centre - “Kia Academy”. It actually represents the reference dealer enterprise in a miniature. In “Academy“ there is a show-rum, a repair zone, and there it is possible to study both the theory, and practice of sales and service of our cars. Besides it invested means in “brains“. Worked taking for work of people which have a work wide experience in automobile business, the best in the business.

- and how you managed to persuade dealers to modernise the centres during such difficult period?

- We approached to modernisation by a principle to “reasonable sufficiency”. The question not in on what chair will sit the client in the dealer centre. Certainly, it should be not the stool, but also in an armchair from the Italian master-cabinetmaker there is no necessity. It is necessary to understand that we a brand which should give the chance to people to buy the car for reasonable money and thus to receive qualitative service. And for this purpose dealers should get profit. And investments into showrooms should pay off, and as soon as possible. Believe, if business is favourable to the dealer, it begins to invest in it even more. And it besides affects quality of service, satisfaction of clients and, certainly, on incomes.

- you introduced in Russia a five years guarantee on your cars. A fine marketing course which also affected popularity of the stamp in our country. And what else mode, in your opinion, it is possible to urge on demand for cars in Russia?

- My opinion such - is necessary to do correctly and professionally base things which are already invented. Since Henry Ford put the first car on the conveyor, much changed. Life changed, cars cardinally changed, but desires of consumers remained former. They want, that to them quickly delivered the reserved car that in interior with them were affable that purchase conditions were as much as possible favourable that if necessary the car repaired, and repaired at once, and from the first. Therefore we give special attention to a degree of service. We made quantitative break, and now we should grow further - to struggle for quality.

- the question on changes of conditions of industrial assembly of cars, and also on possible deprivation of Kaliningrad of the status of the Special economic zone is even more often brought up. Accordingly and the preferential mode “Avtotora“ appears under the threat. You make there some key models. Prepare base for deviation?

- We for deviation do not prepare any bases. The information on cancellation of a preferential mode - no more than hearing.“ avtotor ”will work on former conditions at least till 2016. Besides, we have the plan for development of manufacture in Russia. As a part of concern“ Hyundai-Kia “we plan opening of own factory in Leningrad region in 2011. At this enterprise our models also will be issued.

- but, as far as I know, only one model“Kia“&hellip there will be issued; By the way, are not ready to tell, what?

- While early to speak about what models will be issued under Peter. There is a probability that it will be at all one car - all will be defined by consumer preferences and market tendencies. The main thing that at“Kia”in this enterprise there will be impressive enough share.

- as in Russia the program on support of sales of new cars, in your opinion, works? Whether such programs in general are necessary, after all there are opinions that artificial stimulation of the market is harmful...

- Programs are anyway necessary, because they allow people to buy new cars earlier, than they wanted. Well and among other things they stimulate motor-car manufacturers. In our country me excites, the separate program, and how it will be introduced is not how much good.“ Wanted as is better … ”Here very much it would be desirable, that it turned out“ not as always ”.

- your dealers will participate in the program“ money for autostuff ”?

- Under this program two models“ Kia ”get. Therefore in each official dealer interior it will be possible to get the car on the conditions offered by the government. But, I will repeat, it is important, how all process will be organised: who will utilise, as papers as money will be quickly returned dealers …

will be made - we Talk about prospects. Whether new models - a sedan“ Cadenza ”and kompaktven“ Venga ”will be presented in our market?

- Both on the first, and on the second model while there are more than questions, than answers.“ Venga ”belongs to that segment which at us is yet enough developed.

- as to“Cadenza”we consider possibility of the beginning of sales of this model in Russia. However not this year. While in our plans for 2010 a conclusion to the Russian market of three new models. In March we plan to begin sales updated“ cee ’ d ”. A bit later we present a coupe constructed on base“Kia Cerato”. This car becomes almost unique offer in the given segment. Well and in the autumn to Russia there arrives the most long-awaited premiere of 2010 - new“Sportage”.

- In Frankfurt you showed the hybrid version“Forte”. How much it is the serious project for“Kia”? Or it simply craze - a pier, all do ^ and we are not worse?

- As well as all automobile companies, we understand that care of ecology - a duty of any manufacturer. But while similar cars are actual only in the developed countries. The corporation will continue work in this direction and as soon as the requirement for such cars appears and in Russia, we become one of the first who begins sales of hybrids in a mass segment. When it occurs - to tell very difficult. After all now on our streets there go the cars answering at all “euro-zero“, and “euro-minus“ …
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