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Sight from within

“ Loaded ” the representation sedan “Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG” after modernisation did not change almost outwardly, but received the new motor and unique transmission.

the UPDATED model can be distinguished only on insignificant details like 19-inch wheel disks with original design and modest shildikov “V8 Biturbo” on front fenders. By the way, they inform associates that under a cowl “S63 AMG” there was a small technical revolution: Germans refused from traditional for AMG the atmospheric motor in favour of 5,5-litre V8 with a double turbo-supercharging, direct injection and system “start-stop“.

This engine surpasses the predecessor in all indicators. First of all on capacity and a twisting moment. Now in the base version 544 h.p. and 800 Nanometers are accessible to the owner of “Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG“, and on pull-rod peak new V8 leaves already about 2.000 rpm. As the option for the updated sedan is offered a package “Performance Package” which at the expense of the increased pressure of forced aspiration allows to remove of 571 h.p. and 900 Nanometers from the same engine.

However, to “hundred“ it practically does not affect acceleration time: it decreases all on 0,1 with – with 4,5 to 4,4 with. But the maximum speed grows about 250 km/h limited to electronics to 300.

Put in 5,5-litre V8 progressive technologies made its rather economic. Henceforth “S63 AMG” on the average consumes only 10,5 l of fuel on 100 km - almost on 40 % (!) It is less, than earlier.

There is in it a merit and a unique automatic transmission “AMG Speedshift MCT” which is established only on some “loaded“ cars “Mercedes-Benzs“. In this transmission the traditional hydrotransformer is replaced with a package of friction plates. It allowed to get rid of the main lacks of usual “automatic machines“ - low efficiency and the big weight.