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“Honda Jazz”: arrangement

“ the Jazz ” began to sound in a new fashion

In due time “Jazz” from became one of pioneers of the market mikrovenov in a segment of compact cars. It was to the taste to buyers thanks to stylish design, a combination of a practicality and sports habits. The second generation of popular model now was issued. New mikroven is more powerful, komfortabelnee, it is a bit more than predecessor, however saved its ideology. A melody, speaking in images, remained former, but “Jazz“ received fresh arrangement.

sports Symphony

“JAZZ” the first generation differed bojtsovskim character that, as a rule, to unusually practical compact models. But sports genes traditionally are present at blood of each “Honda“, even the small and accessible.

For example, the 1,4-litre engine previous “Jazz” at first sight was allocated with nothing among the colleagues and it gave out banal for such working volume of 83 h.p. However very vigorously accelerated the car – just right was to think that under a cowl there is more powerful engine. And all thanks to change of phases of a gas distribution and the unique dual ignition for this class (as on some motors “Alfa Romeo”).

For new “Jazz” created, as a matter of fact, the new engine: altered a block head (on each cylinder now it is necessary four valves), improved cooling system, processed the combustion chamber form, reduced a friction in tsilindro-piston group, finished an admission and release. As a result at former volume of 1,4 l kickback raised to rather worthy 100 h.p. (by the way, in Europe for “Jazz” the 1,2-litre motor is offered also, but to us such versions will not be delivered).

But whether saved the updated engine fervent temperament? Now we check up … Judging by a chart, our route from the airport to Frankfurt am Main lies mostly on high-speed highways so, the motor will have a possibility to prove.

“Jazz” quickly gets under way from a place, and we direct to departure on a line. Rate of dispersal is very quite good. If to believe technical characteristics the new model is accelerated to 100 km/h for 11,4 with ­ - on 2,5 from faster first generation. Big enough difference to measures of modern cars. It is possible to tell that dynamic qualities of the car rose on new height.

thus character of the engine to please to rigid ecological norms became more equal. It is still vigorously untwisted practically from single turns and to most otsechki confidently pulls the car forward, but from the former grab peculiar well-known hondovskim to the motors with system VTEC, does not remain also a trace. However, the quiet manner of work of the engine for certain is necessary to the usual consumer to liking. As less sympathetic it did not become: the same as and earlier, almost instantly reacts to pressing of a pedal and it is ready to accelerate the car at once as soon as you wish it.
as well as on a crossover “Honda Pilot”, in a luggage compartment “Jazz” a double bottom - if necessary the floor rises, forming a shelf for easy things, and in opened niche the measurement goods are located.
five-step “mechanics“ unlike the motor changed not so seriously ­ - at it only reconsidered a number of reduction ratios and improved synchro units. Clearness of work is worthy, as before, all praises. To be mistaken with a choice of necessary drive, apparently, it is simply impossible. On a course of test drive I few times caught myself that started to switch speed without special necessity - simply process gives pleasure.
the panoramic roof enters into the most expensive complete set. Instead of a variator on new “Jazz” received
the robotised box “i-Shift”.
However keep in mind: this box is calculated basically on city driving. On an autobath short drives quickly come to an end, and an arrow of a tachometre constantly utykaetsja in a red zone. Thank God, it does without “a soundtrack - a noise isolation of interior above censures … And here when the route resulted us on cosy small streets of Frankfurt, all rose on the places.“ Jazz ”the first left from traffic lights, dexterously and dynamically maneuvered in a dense steam of cars. Here he felt quite at home …

In our country buyers previous“Jazz”frequently chose not“mechanics“, and a variator. At new kompaktvena such transmission is not present. By words hondovtsev, a variator refused from profitability reasons - instead of it there was a six-step robotised box“i-Shift”(by the way, approved on“Civic”). Certainly, I did not miss a case to test this version.
the system“ Magic Seat ”allows instantly
to hoist upwards a pillow of a rear seat,
releasing a place for large load.
the car was in a smart complete set“Sport”- the special form of a front bumper and an aerodynamic skirt, appear, all kind justified this name. But“robot“in comparison with optimum working mechanical box looked palely. While you go easy, all is more or less quite good. Anyway, special censures to “i-Shift” does not arise. But it is necessary to press more feasibly a gas pedal as “robot“ at switching of speeds starts to sin with irritating failures. From them does not rescue even transition in a manual mode. The variator, let it also did not differ profitability, worked on an order better.

but road performance new “Jazz” it is valid at height. The suspender scheme did not change - racks McPherson in front and a semidependent beam behind, - but options running have been reconsidered, and the track is increased. In addition now instead of former 14-inch wheels on the base version stand 15-inch (the complete set “Sport” is equipped by disks on 16). As a result the behaviour of the car on road became even more reliable and hazardous. At the wheel “Jazz” each turning movement is to be passed for the greatest possible speed. Perhaps, in this respect mikroven it is possible to name one of samples in the class.

unimportant smoothness of a course became the medal Back, as usual in such cases. However, rather rigid blows are not passed to seats, and “Jazz” does not deliver to passengers of special discomfort, but all the same decent hummock everyone in the slightest degree or a pole have an effect.

there is more than space

to BUYERS of such cars as “Jazz”, the practicality and convenience of interior are important not less, and it is possible, and more than road performance. And with it at hondovskogo mikrovena too everything is all right.

model of new generation, saving former height, it was extended at length on 5,5 sm (to 390 sm) and it was distributed at width on 2 sm (to 169,5 sm). The base also became more on 5 sm and makes 250 see to Passengers of the second row freely. Anyway, the space both for knees suffices the tall person, and over a head - it is very quite good, to measures of a compact class.

Behind, as well as in the car of the first generation, there are seats “Magic Deat”. Not magic, of course, but on focus similar: one movement of a hand - and their pillows rise vertically upwards, releasing considerable enough space. For example, across a body it is possible to place a mountain bicycle or to put a high plant in a pot. It became possible thanks to traditional feature “Jazz” - to seating of a fuel tank under front seats.

and in a luggage compartment (it, by the way, too became more) there was “a double bottom”, as on a crossover “Honda Pilot”. If necessary the load box floor rises and transfomiruetsja in a special shelf on which it is possible to put easy subjects while heavy things keep within the niche formed below.
a new instrument cluster considerably informativnee former thanks to the big dials and the large display of the on-board computer entered in a speedometer.
In a front part of interior too there were essential changes. In new arrangement the panel of devices saved characteristic features of the predecessor, but looks absolutely differently. In particular, the original levers managing on “Jazz” first generation the options of music and climatic installation, gave way more traditional, but and to more convenient buttons grouped in two krugly