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“Renault Koleos”: a successful combination

“ the Automatic machine ” and the diesel engine for “Renault Koleos”

Occurrence in scale “Renault Koleos” of diesel version with an automatic transmission for certain urges on interest of the Russian motorists to the French crossover. After all in our country love and appreciate multiple-purpose cars for all occasions.

SOME motor-car manufacturers do not dare to offer diesel crossovers in Russia, expostulating on astable quality of solar oil and high expenses on the servicing, eating all profit from fuel efficiency of such engine. Personally I adhere to other point of view:“ Asphalt ”the off-road car should work on solar oil. And recent acquaintance with diesel“Renault Koleos”only strengthened such opinion.

Frenchmen dissemble a little, naming it“ the first all-wheel drive crossover in the history of the stamp ”. First,“Renault”already did cars“4ő4”. Secondly, firm rombik on a cowl to this model has the same relation, as a badge oktjabrenka to a leather jacket of the biker. After all this car – c purely Japanese roots. Configuration, suspender knots, transmission, kuzovnaja structure - much is borrowed at crossovers of the stamp“Nissan”. Also it is made“Koleos”far from France - at South Korean joint venture“ Renault Samsung Motors “in Pusan.

but if to ponder, all these arguments speak only in favour of the car. After all krossovernyj the genre is rather specific. The car without history and constructed, as they say, from zero, hardly would call to itself the big trust. And “Koleos” that also it is good that incorporated all the best and checked up. The same turbodiesel with the six-step “automatic machine“, applied on it, now are used and on “Nissan X-Trail”.

Wheaten or capital?

Modern “automatic machine“ supposes
and a manual control.

AMONG similar “asphalt“ crossovers “Koleos” it is allocated with the improved cross-country qualities. Abrupt congresses from roads, deep ravines and ruts for the French model not a problem - geometrical flotation ability at it one of the best in a class. The soft suspender does not differ the big course, and theoretically it is fraught with breakdowns of racks, however in practice it is necessary to support only reasonable speed on field first coats to move on them with comfort. If there is a risk of posting of wheels and pull-rod loss, it is possible to stick the button in the heel of the extension housing and to involve differential blocking. And with artful razmokshim a clay track “Koleos” in general finishes effortlessly: rather easy all-wheel drive car clings to slippery hummocks better, than other go-anywhere vehicle. And pull-rod suffices it always, for what it is necessary to thank a diesel engine together with “automatic machine“ - to this sheaf “ponizhajka“, apparently, is absolutely not necessary.

a city? Here “Frenchman“ too in the elements. A tank on 65 litres and the average city expense in ten litres on “hundred“ (by the way, a rare occurence when the real figure coincides with passport) relieve of frequent refuellings. Reeling up on capital of 80-100 kilometres daily, I in general ceased to glance at the fuel indicator and remembered it only after a week when on a panel board the yellow bulb was fired.

diesel “Koleos” it is notable “zhivee“ many petrol competitors equipped with motors bolshej of capacity. Certainly, “automatic machine“ brings some delay at sharp speedup, but does by more comfortable conveyance to plugs lasting many hours. And I all the same would carry dynamics of the car to number of its pluses.

the third advantage “Koleos” is not connected with the motor, but it will be estimated by any townspeople: into base equipment enter front and rear parktroniki. In addition the perimetre of a body of the car is made roundish that to a limit simplifies maneuvering at deficiency of an empty seat.

a unique appreciable minus - unusually big radius of a sharp turn. It is terrible to present, what is the time it is required to any “tea-caddy“ on a sharp turn within two strips even if the skilled muzhik should do this maneuver in four-five receptions.

and on the other hand, you saw often at the wheel “Koleos” young women? It is the strong, “mans“ car with the big possibilities. And a simple-minded brutal exterior to it to the person.