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Medvedev has confirmed amendments to the law on highways

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has confirmed amendments to the federal law " ABT highways and ABT road activity in the Russian Federation and ABT modification of separate acts of the Russian Federation " accepted by the State Duma on October, 22nd and countenanced by the Federation Council on October, 27th, informs on Thursday a press - service of the Kremlin.

the Federal law is directed on the coordination of the positions regulating questions of use of highways on a paid basis.

By this time the law had been provided use possibility on a paid basis of highways of the general using or sites of these roads. At the same time decision-making on use has been carried to powers of bodies of the state power of the Russian Federation, subjects of the Russian Federation and local governments in the field of use of highways on a paid basis of public roads accordingly federal, regional or intermunicipal, local value, but not sites of these roads.

In this connection the amendments eliminating the specified contradiction are made.