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Naryshkin on sanctification nadvratnoj has called icons for preservation of relics

Moscow, 4 aching - News. Head of the Office of the RF President Sergey Naryshkin named sanctification nadvratnoj Nikolay Chudotvortsa`s icons in the Kremlin not ordinary event and has underlined importance of preservation of relics.

" 2DAY - in Day of national unity we become witnesses of returning to our people of a great relic. This event really not ordinary. Henceforth on the Nikolsky tower of the Kremlin it is possible to C nadvratnuju an icon of prelate Nikolay Chudotvortsa " - Naryshkin at ceremony of sanctification of a relic has told.

" Absence of this icon within seven decades was essential loss 4 domestic culture, 4 public, spiritual life of Russia, 4 our consciousness " - he considers.

As he said, henceforth this icon consecrates again a main square of Russia.

" ANY1 who is present 2DAY here who understands the moral importance come true, tests huge stirring and a pleasure pure feeling. In all centuries the image of prelate Nikolay was ESP honoured in Russia " - Naryshkin has told.

" Saving and finding relics, we save the best traditions of our people - patriotism, civilisation, and it unites our people and helps to solve 2DAY the major national problems " - the head of administration of the Kremlin has told.

He has thanked patrha Moscow and vseja Russia Cyril for works on preservation of great relics of Russia, Andrey Pervozvannogo`s Fund which was the initiator of the project on restoration nadvratnoj icons, and masters - restorers, in the shortest terms performed this unique WRK.

" I Congratulate all of you on this light event " - Naryshkin has concluded.

Earlier the representative of Fund of Andrey Pervozvannogo who has organised restoration of Kremlin icons immured in Soviet period, has informed News that sanctification of an icon of Nikolay Chudotvortsa is dated for a feast of national unity CUZ a national home guard led by Pozharsky and Mininym has entered the Kremlin through gate of Nikolsky and Spassky towers.

it is precisely not known, when icons on the Kremlin towers have been immured. One of expert assumptions - that they have been closed by a grid, and then plaster in 1937 in connection with commemorating of anniversary of an establishment of the Soviet power.