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Cases of attacks on journalists in Russia in 2006 - 2010 the Inquiry


on October, 17th to the editor of TV channel Russia Today to Natalia Arhiptsevoj have raked a foot at restaurant in the CTR of Moscow, the suspect is released under a subscription ABT nevyezde. The TV channel intends to make everything to achieve fair punishment 4 a mutilation guilty of drawing to the journalist. Incident has occurred in " cafe Prado " on the Slavonic area. Arhiptseva has heard loud revilings in the ADDY from one of men. In reply to its remark the man has shot to the girl at a foot from a traumatic pistol " Makarych " having raked the left anklebone.

On the night of on September, 24th the correspondent of the company " the Aurora " - The partner of News in video content manufacture - George Andrushkevich has undergone to a hooligan attack of unknown persons around an ice Palace of sports of CSKA in Moscow. As has informed Andrushkevich, the attack has occurred while it came back after performance of the editorial task. The correspondent was stopped by group of unknown persons which have demanded to give them a mobile phone. As a result of incident the correspondent has RCVed a serious trauma of a foot and has been hospitalised.

on May, 18th in Tomsk at an entrance of the house has been wounded known Tomsk TV reporter Mark Minin . According to preliminary data, at it shot from the traumatic weapon of type " the Wasp ". W wound of a hand it has been delivered in Regional clinical hospital ". Mark Minin worked on GTRK " Tomsk " broadcasting companies " TV - 2 " " Alisa ". At present heads a broadcasting company " the Eighth day ".

This very day it became known that on May, 17th   in Zelenograd have beaten the television cameraman of the company " Ren - TV " also have selected at it a videocamera in cost about 150 thousand roubles.

on May, 16th in Rostov-on-Don in day of carrying out of a cup-final of Russia on football against Novosibirsk " Siberia " fans Petersburg " Zenith " the sports correspondent of Russian information TV channel Russia Today (RT) the Novel Kosarev has been beaten.   After the Rostov-on-Don spent in hospital inspections have found out the closed trauma of a humeral joint and a brain concussion of AVG weight in the journalist. Criminal case is brought.

on April, 26th in Sochi the journalist , the editor-in-chief of the newspaper " has been beaten; Local " Arcady Lander. The attack on the journalist has been made in the afternoon when he tried to open a door of the apartment. The unknown persons who have attacked from a back have put 62 - to the summer journalist from four B4 six powerful blows by mounts on a head. As a result at suffered a brain concussion and lacerations on a head. Attacking neighbours of Landera have prevented. They have remembered criminals and L8R have made an identikit.

on March, 23rd in Syktyvkar it has been made an attack on employees a broadcasting company " Komi of mounts " – special correspondent Vasily Kaneva and television cameraman Yury Nikiforova. Incident has occurred when employees " Komi of mounts " conducted city shooting. Towards 2 them there was a group of students of one of colleges which have got to a videocamera objective. One of them in the rough form has demanded not to remove and has struck the television cameraman. To the aid of the colleague the car left Vasily Kanev who has tried to resolve the conflict, however too has RCVed a facer. After the check spent in the Department of Internal Affairs on the given fact criminal case as regards 2 articles 116 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation (" has been brought; drawing of a beating from hooligan promptings ") .

2009 g .

on November, 24th in Krasnodar the attack on a film crew of a municipal broadcasting company " has been made; Krasnodar ". The broadcasting company has arrived to microdistrict Anniversary Krasnodar 4 shootings of a place of road accident, where " legkovushka " has brought down the woman W a baby carriage.

to Shootings have prevented three unknown men who were that MOM on a scene. They have demanded from TV reporters to stop shooting. Having been refused, one of them has put to two television cameramen some blows. Besides, malefactors with a view of restriction and the termination of lawful activity of journalists have selected at a film crew a videocassette W collected matelom and have hurt a videocamera.

on November, 17th a program film crew " to Conduct " (the All-Russia broadcasting company – VGTRK), preparing matel ABT illegal trade in a narcotic mix under the name " nasvaj " has suffered from security guards in the Preobrazhenskiy market.

the Deputy director of the Preobrazhenskiy market Sergey Artamoshin p rikazal to security guards to understand W journalists and to break the chamber in case of their refusal to leave the market. Fighters of the private security enterprise have rushed to fight and have tried to break the chamber. Visitors of the market have called militia which has stopped violence over journalists.

In the night from 30 for October, 31st in village Jarkovo of the Tyumen region journalist Oleg Raevsky &ndash has been beaten; the founder and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper " JArkovosti " . It has entered surgical branch of regional hospital   W the diagnosis: closed cranial - a brain trauma, a brain concussion.

on August, 11th on suburb of Makhachkala the journalist of the national newspaper " has been found dead; True " leaving in Avarian language in Dagestan, Malik Ahmedilov. The journalist have found out in the car of a domestic production W gunshot wounds in stomach area.

on July, 15th in the morning in the Chechen Republic has been stolen known pravozashchitnitsa and journalist Natalia Estemirova. This very day, along toward evening in Ingushetia, near to a federal line " caucasus " Have found its body W gunshot wounds in a head and a chest. The consequence considers as the basic version of murder professional work by Estemirovoj.

on July, 2nd in Kaliningrad the editor-in-chief of the newspaper " has undergone to an attack; the Yard keeper " Alexey Shabunin. The unknown man has struck its iron rod, and has then disappeared.

on April, 29th journalist Yaroslav Jaroshenko, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper " Corruption and criminality " has been cruelly beaten by unknown persons. RCVed head serious traumas, the journalist was in reanimatsionnom branch W/ O consciousness. It has transferred two operations, however to physicians to save life to Yaroslav Jaroshenko it was not possible. In June he has died.

on March, 12th in Serpukhov the attack on letting out editor of the newspaper " has been made; the Rumour Southern Moscow suburbs " Maxim Zolotaryov. Three unknown persons have beaten the journalist near to its house iron prutami on hands. As a result an attack Zolotaryov has RCVed a bruise of soft fabrics of the left elbow joint.

on March, 5th in Saratov the attack on the known Saratov journalist, the head of media holding " has been made; the Sight " Vadim Rogozhina. Attacking have put Rogozhinu not less than 10 blows to the head a heavy subject. The victim W a fragmental wound of a skull has been taken to hospital, where neurosurgeons have spent a number of operations after which it almost MTH was W/ O consciousness. The journalist has been discharged from hospital on May, 26th.

on January, 20th in the CTR of Moscow the journalist " has been wounded; the New newspaper " Anastas Baburova which together with lawyer Stanislav Markelov known on a number of sensational cases, went about a press - conferences. The lawyer has been killed at once, the journalist in some hours has died in resuscitation.

2008 g .

on November, 20th in Makhachkala at itself in a study the assistant to the editor-in-chief of the Dagestan newspaper " has been beaten; New business " Marko Shahbanov. It was beaten by the two young men who have rushed into an office. As a result the journalist has RCVed plural bruises of the person and a trunk. Attacking it was possible to disappear.

on November, 13th in settlement Starobeevo in the Khimki area of Moscow suburbs about the house the journalist situated near Moscow - the ecologist, the editor of the newspaper " has been beaten; the Khimki truth " Michael Beketov. It counteracted cutting down of the Khimki wood. The journalist has been hospitalised W serious traumas, including in the field of a head.

on November, 9th in Makhachkala at an entrance of the house the correspondent of department of sports of the Dagestan weekly journal " has been beaten; the Draft copy " Alexander Poljakov. The journalist has RCVed numerous head injuries and has been hospitalised.

on September, 2nd unknown persons in Nalchik have beaten the editor of the popular independent edition " the South Newspaper " Miloslava Bitokova therefore it has been taken to hospital. The attacking have not taken away at 56 - the summer editor money, a mobile phone.
this very day in settlement Separator near Makhachkala (Dagestan) unknown persons have fired at the car of the journalist of a broadcasting company " TV - Cherkej " the leader of Islamic TV program " the World to your house " Telmana (Abdulla) Alishaeva. The journalist has died in hospital, without regaining consciousness.

on September, 2nd in Separator settlement of Makhachkala (Dagestan) has been shot the TV reporter " TV – CHirkej " Telman (Abdulla) Alishaev. Two unknown persons have approached to the car in which there was a journalist, and four times have shot at it from a pistol of Makarova. Bullets have got to a jaw, a neck and a chest of Alishaeva. The journalist has died in hospital.

on March, 27th in Svetlogorsk the founder of the Kaliningrad free newspaper " has been wounded; the Yard keeper " known regional political journalist Arseny Mahlov. The unknown person has attacked Mahlova in the street and has put it two knife wounds in a back. The journalist has been hospitalised.

on March, 21st on severo - the east of Moscow the body of the correspondent of First channel Iljasa Shurpaeva with violent death traces was revealed. The body has been found in apartment which Shurpaev removed.

on March, 21st in Makhachkala chairman GTRK " has been killed; Dagestan " Gadzhi Abashilov. Car Abashilova has been fired from the automatic weapon in city centre.

on February, 29th in Makhachkala (Dagestan) known journalist Zaur Gaziev and the TV presenter of regional state broadcaster " has been beaten; Dagestan " Ruslan Gabibulin. In the street near them two motor vehicles &ndash have stopped; " Mercedes " and VAZ? 2114, whence left seven young men and have attacked journalists.

2007 g .



on March, 15th has left the house for WRK and the founder and the director of the Saratov newspaper " has not returned; Career " Leonid Etkind. Four inhabitants of Saratov have stolen and have killed Leonid Etkinda.

on January, 20th in Vladivostok Konstantin Borovko &ndash is killed; the known Khabarovsk TV presenter working in the company " Province ". The body of the victim with traces of a beating was revealed about an apartment house.

2006 g .


on October, 7th in Moscow has been killed the journalist, an observer " the New newspaper " Anna Politkovskaya whom the unknown criminal has shot in the lift of its house. Politkovskaya was known for journalistic investigations of infringements of human rights in the Chechen Republic. During journalistic career to it time and again threatened with punishment.

on August, 8th the editor-in-chief of Omsk magazine " the Right to a choice " Petrov, his wife and the two children three and seven years, have been killed on the bank of the mountain river Tuektenka where they have stopped on a lodging for the night in tent during travel across Mountain Altai.

on May, 29th Vyacheslav Akatov &ndash is found killed in removed apartment in the street Kargin in Mytischi situated near Moscow; the journalist of TV channel of TV - the CTR. Near to a body of the killed there were two blood-stained dumbbells. On its disappearance still on May, 23rd have informed its colleagues.

on February, 26th Ilya Zimin &ndash has been found dead in Moscow in the apartment; the special correspondent of a broadcasting company of NTV. The body of the lost journalist was found out by its colleagues in a day after murder. According to criminalists, the death of the journalist has come out RCVed cranial - obverse traumas.

on January, 8th in hospital Vagif Kochetkov &ndash has died; own correspondent of the newspaper " Work " in the Tula area. On December, 27th the journalist has been cruelly beaten at an entrance of the house .