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Passenger carriers expand presence at social networks

Moscow, 11 aching - News. Fañebook, Twitter, YouTube and Fliñkr became new channels of delivery of the information and communication with clients 4 the companies engaged in passenger transportations and using them 2 4 realisation of the services.

Airlines, the airports, cruise lines, the companies on a car rent appear as the most active representatives of tourist`s sector in social networks. So, air carriers use possibilities of social networks to inform B4 the client the personal information more operatively, than allow traditional advertising, PR - campaigns and EVN own services of WRK W clients, marks a portal hosteltur. ñom.

airlines of the USA take the first positions in a rating of 100 most active airlines in social networks. First-ever loukoster Southwest Airlines heads a rating on number online - the admirers, almost which 1,06 million follow the company on service Twitter and about one million - in network Fañebook.

From the point of view of geographical representation in one hundred in the lead 34 airlines from Europe, 24 - from Asia, 23 - from America and seven - from Australia and Ocenia are presented. Among the European companies usual air carriers advance budget airlines.

the Spanish airlines have begun active campaign for expansion of presence at social networks. So, Iberia recently has got the blog under the name " I like to fly " (Me gusta volar). In YouTube the Spanish air carrier has the own channel, on service of microblogs Twitter the airline daily places the news, and the number of its followers exceeds 10 thousand. On page in network Fañebook at the company already more than 11 thousand " admirers ".

Airline Vueling has two separate pages on Fañebook. One is devoted the information on the company, another represents service of WRK W clients.

Spanair it is is Gud presented in Twitter and Fañebook, where at airline already almost 11 thousand fans. There is 2 a portal which is positioned as a blog though an option to leave comments 2 the published MSG is constantly disconnected.

Hardly more than 1250 followers in Twitter the largest Russian air carrier " has; Aeroflot ".

the Analysis of portal AirGate Solutions which specialises on working out of tools and applications 4 the airports in social networks, has shown that for incomplete four MTH use of service of microblogs Twitter has grown almost on 30 %. Thus the airport in Manchester has won first place in the world on number of followers in this service. It 2 became the airport first in Great Britain which has officially got page in Twitter in February, 2009.

the Organization of the Spanish airports and air navigation (Aena) is not present yet at social networks that it is impossible to tell about the European similar structure Eurosontrol, at which in service of microblogs already more than 11 thousand followers and which has used potential Twitter during the chaos which provoked by eruption of the Icelandic volcano and has called crisis in the European aircraft.

possibilities of social networks kruiznymi are very actively used by the companies. It is a question of such lines, as Royal ñaribbean, Oasis of the Seas, Norwegian ñruise Line and Holland Ameriña.

Airlines widely use new channels 4 advancement of the products and services. So, Iberia has started the special offer 4 all its flights from Spain in the American countries and Africa, but valid only 4 its admirers in Fañebook and Twitter. American Delta Air Lines became the first, having opened booking of tickets directly on the page in Fañebook. United Airlines has started own product Tware (Twitter + Fares) which concept has appeared successful and it is used on flights W low demand.

Simultaneously W expansion of presence of airlines on the Internet, the quantity of responses of users ABT airlines increases, ABT experience of flights and such plan which are not always favorable and not always play a positive role in formation of image of air carriers.