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the Dry grass burns on a grief of Beshtau in Stavropol Territory

Stavropol, 11 aching - News. the Dead wood has lighted up in wood on a southern slope of a mount of Beshtau from Lermontov`s city of Stavropol Territory, the fire area makes more than 3 hectares, the employee has informed a press - services of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Stavropol Territory to News on Thursday.

" the call to the Ministry of Emergency Measures in 13 Has arrived. 31 Moscow time. The fire is not extinguished till now, the area already more than 3 hectares. Fire has gone upwards on a grief, below already all have extinguished. Not trees burn, and the dead wood, in wood burns a dry grass " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

Under its data, on a scene the second group of a city of Pyatigorsk works, besides, the city administration has called to the aid the water waters. To Lermontov`s population and constructions threatens nothing, declares the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

the event Reasons are specified, but the fire laboratory can find out circumstances not less than in ten days, the employee has informed a press - services.