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Sarkozy will go to Seoul on summit G20 on the new presidential liner

Paris, 11 aching - News, Vladimir Dobrovolsky. the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy will go on Thursday on the summit " the big twenty " on new presidential " the Air bus " which the press has already christened " Air Sarko One " by analogy to a board of the US president " Air For˝e One " France Press reports.

Liner A330 - 200 has been bought from the French airline Air ˝araibes for 176 million euro on replacement to two srednemagistralnym to planes Airbus A319 ˝J, got in 2000.

the Plane calculated on 324 passengers, was have converted in 60 - the local plane of a class " a suite " with a bedroom, a shower booth, trunk-call and W modern communications mediums.

earlier satirical edition " Le Canary Islands Anshene " (Le ˝anard En˝haine) which publishes from time to time the compromising evidence on the French politicians, has written that the BR is aboard established. However the Ministry of Defence has publicly denied this information.

Before to accept onboard the president, the plane of Transport squadron Ete˝ of the French Air Forces flew ten thousand kilometres, including landed on islands Reunions and Tahiti. It can fly by W/ O refuelling of 12 thousand kilometres.

Two former presidential planes A319 W autonomy of flight of seven thousand kilometres and capacity B4 30 passengers on Thursday have been forwarded to Bordeaux on re-equipment. The first is already sold for 32 million euro to Senegal, the second 2 is exposed on sale.