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Neolearnt and flying

In the Russian hire – a film " Skajlajn ". Next vatsija on a subject inoplanetnogo the intrusions, proving that the film about marathon running W newcomers on the destroyed megacity still can surprise.

Though, apparently, where still to walk human thought when it is a question of destruction of the Earth? Aliens were installed in human bodies by means of terrible viruses and stealthily grasped the Earth by means of unknown molluscs, as in " Intrusion " and " Faculty ". Bullshitted earth dwellers, creating doubles, as in " Thieves of bodies " also chased polar explorers on the Antarctic ices, and for members of spetsnaz - on the African jungle, as in " Something " or " the Predator ". More often, 4 bolshej efficiency, a planet covered in the manner of an apocalypse at once and it is noisy, W destructions and numerous victims as, we will tell in " Monstro " or " to War of the worlds ".

At such variety to shoot the next film about end of the world, avoiding film citations – a useless invention. Cinemas about malicious newcomers who pull down, plunder and kill, in itself – already the citation and almost a separate genre, so the founders who have quite reasonably reconciled to this fact " Skajlajna " have simply turned " experience of generations " to itself on advantage, having beaten it how it was necessary for them.

they have stopped The choice on classical vante and - lja " Independence Day " W the huge armour plates which have hung over a city, but have managed to make so that to fans of similar films on what will look.

After a PRT the company gone off to by a semidrunk sleep wakes up from strange pushes, sounds and beating through a jalousie brightly - dark blue light. Protagonists – the successful Afro-American driving about on Ferrari (BTW, the expert in special effects and fights of robots), its sad, an uncertain trade the friend and their girlfriends – to realise tragedy scale at once, matter of course, cannot. But something wrong feel: at first their M8 falls out of a window, and then in a column brightly - dark blue light they C crowd of people carried away up. Further – on protoptannoj to a footpath, on nakatannoj to a path that action and those special effects for the sake of which it is necessary to go on similar films begins.

the Platform both 4 heroes, and 4 spectators is chosen by founders approaching   – a magnificent penthouse W a kind on Los - Andzheles so the apocalypse throughout all one and a half hours can be observed in all magnificence: Will be both blowing up houses, and biorobots of all kinds devouring people and the sizes, and huge spaceships amazing imagination, and EVN a magnificent battle scene W the American fighters bombarding one of such ships.

Directors " Skajlajna " the BRO Strauss working over video effects to many Hollywood films (from " the Avatar " B4 " 300 Spartans ") And removed " the Stranger against the Predator " obviously are proud of the WRK in " 2012 ". But, unlike a heart-breaking history of cities leaving under the earth, their new creation does not remind magnificent, made in a big way, but all - taki a cartoon film, where itself " tragedy scale " the picture conceals the smoothed and obviously sparing nerves. This time special effects are perfect – both from a technical aspect, and from the point of view of that balance when on change of speed of flashing of shots the internal feeling of a rhythm comes. And though it is known that monsters, explosions and people swallowed by monsters do not happen much, founders managed not to play in vojnushku, and to deduce a film on level of technically verified and balanced action, without having 4gotten that in a film should be also a plot.

In a case with " Skajlajnom " a little (but it is not enough) drama " courses " Like heroes kissing B4 death or said W zakatyvaniem a phrase eye " I should rescue it! " nevertheless raise a smile, but, eventually, not to sit, having seized an armchair, all an hour and a half.