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the First personal Apple computer - 1 is exposed on the auctions ˝hristie s

Apple - 1, the first personal computer of company Apple, will be exposed on November, 23rd on the London auctions ˝hristie s at the initial price of 161,6 thousand dollars. The prize description is presented on a site of the English auction house.

According to the prize description, on the auctions the Apple computer model - 1 under serial number 82 in original packing is exposed. The auction prize includes the documentation 2 the computer and the letter of head Apple of Steve Jobs of that time, a payment W processor MOS 6502, the printed-circuit board from four numbers both 18 columns and the keyboard interface, three condensers, a radiator of air cooling of the processor, a payment 4 communication with the cassette tape recorder, 8 Kb of the built in operative memory, the video terminal and connecting cables.

the floor price established by auction on a prize, – 161,6 thousand dollars, however, predictably, the predecessor iPhone and iPad will be sold for 240 - 250 thousand dollars – approximately in 365 times is more expensive than the primary cost.

zhuliana Wilson (Julian Wilson), before occurrence Apple - to 1 user needed to possess skills of the soldering to collect to itself the motherboard. Concept Apple - 1 was that that the buyer could use the computer, " having got it from a box " writes The E˝onomi˝ Times.  

the Apple computer - 1, the first product Apple, has been developed souchreditelem the companies by Steve Voznjakom (Stephen Wozniak). Sales Apple - 1 have begun in 1976 at the price of 666,66 dollars. Initially motherboard of the computer was on sale W/ O the case, the power unit, the keyboard and the monitor.

All Apple computers - 1 W processor MOS 6502 W frequency of 1 MHz and 4 Kb of operative memory W possibility of expansion to 48 Kb have been made nearby 200. Computers gathered in garage of the house of parents of Steve Jobs to what the return address on packing bears.