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the Authorities of Altai will involve 130 million rub on development naukograda Biisk

Barnaul, 9 ijun - News, Olesya Krechetova. the Authorities of Altay territory plan to involve till the end of 2011 on development of an infrastructure and investment directions naukograda Biisk over 130 million roubles from federal and regional budgets that approximately equals to level of financing of last year, the representative of the mayoralty of Biisk has informed News referring to vitse - the governor of edge of Michael Schetinin.

the Data ABT financing naukograda and its further prospects of development has been sounded on Thursday at the session devoted to development of Biisk with the assistance of the plenipotentiary in the Siberian federal district Victor Tolokonsky.

" Means at a rate of 130 million roubles will be directed on building and reconstruction of objects of an engineering and social infrastructure " - the representative of a word of Schetinin has quoted.

Meanwhile, the head of region Alexander Karlin has noticed that the given means will be insufficiently 4 necessary innovative appeal of a development of the city.

In turn Victor Tolokonsky has advised to the regional authorities to develop the maximum quantity of innovative programs 4 naukograda Biisk.

As he said, by means of a considerable quantity of innovative programs it will be easier to Altay territory to get financial support of the federal CTR 4 development naukograda.

" the City should become a scientific impulse and stimulus of innovative development of all spheres of life in edge. Biisk should be a city of a high science, culture, manufacture " - Tolokonsky has noted.

During meeting Michael Schetinin has reminded that in 2005 when Innovative strategy of development of Biisk as naukograda has been accepted, the problem by 2010 was put to double volume of release of innovative production and to finish it to 20 billion roubles, but W this problem naukograd has consulted in 2008. The city enterprises realise 235 innovative projects in the priority directions confirmed by the Government of the Russian Federation. The total amount of a gain of manufacture has made 7, 46 billion roubles.

According to regional administration, the further realisation of Innovative strategy of development naukograda Biisk will allow to increase volumes of made production B4 40 billion roubles, and the high technology production B4 20 billion, to provide high level of life of townspeople and to leave on a trajectory steady socially - economic development.