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Features of national elections in 1991

National presidential elections of RSFSR (so Russia 20 years ago) on June, 12th, 1991 steels one of last nails hammered into a coffin of Soviet Union was called - without dependence from that, gave itself in it the report initiators of elections or not.

Y so has occurred? Yes the collision which is designated in Russian national by-word " has simply been finished to the logic end; two bears in one den " that is two presidents in one city, and actually - in one country. Basically, theoretically it was not too important, whom exactly will select: the NE president of RSFSR would enter in inevitable klinch W the president of the USSR.

But in June, 1991 the situation was aggravated with that Boris Yeltsin was the unique real applicant for an union republic post of the head. This politician then has already openly taken a way of confronting W the first and last president of the USSR Michael Gorbachev. Hence, the conflict in struggle for the real power was inevitable.

As Yeltsin`s rivals practically had no chances. A maximum that they could achieve - an exit someone from them in the second tour. And it was improbable. As a matter of fact, all of them competed not only to the favourite of race, but also among themselves, taking away votes each other. For descriptive reasons it is necessary to remind names and surnames of those who has solved - or whom have very strongly asked - to take part in that competition.

Selected voices each other

On idea, Nikolay Ryzhkov who has already moved by then from a post of the head of the allied government to the category of pensioners should become the basic antagonist of the chairman of the Supreme body of RSFSR. eks - the prime minister was conceived in any measure as Gorbachev`s creature, and should win voices of supporters of preservation of the Union though Yeltsin at all did not support its disintegration or destruction.

But, besides Ryzhkova, among candidates for presidents there was one more co-worker of Michael Sergeevicha on reorganisation - the former Minister of Internal Affairs Vadim Bakatin. Besides, were put forward in number of applicants Aman Tuleyev who then worked as the chairman of the Kemerovo regional executive committee, and well-known general Albert Makashov, the People`s Deputy of the USSR.

Between these four candidates it was very difficult to C serious contradictions and disagreements. All distinctions were reduced 2 stylistic subtleties and nuances.

There was also the sixth, rather unexpected, a candidate - Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky, whose star only has started to ascend in a political sky. It has jumped into presidential election, as if the devil from a snuffbox.

Zhirinovsky was on Congress of People`s Deputies in literal sense from street, has said bright, remembered speech, and deputies have included it in number of applicants for the higher fast in republic (for this purpose there were enough voices one heel of congress, but it has RCVed much more).

Finally, Zhirinovsky too selected voices more likely at Yeltsin`s competitors, and its third place became the main sensation of that election campaign. And participation of the future leader of LDPR - a unique unpredictable episode.

" We fine understood, under whom this fast &hellip becomes; "

the rest has passed All precisely how planned initiators from Boris Nikolaevicha`s environment. Their candidate EZ and W/ O problems has won elections, actually at all without having paid ATTN to other participants of race.

rendum ABT preservation of the USSR-] "/>

In it there was nothing surprising. " to Evade that MOM from introduction of fast of the president in the Russian Federation it was absolutely impossible - so there was a political situation... The will of the people was that... It has been distinctly expressed on a referendum March when, on the one hand, the population of Russia has supported Union State preservation, and OTOH, is not less resolute and vigorous - for introduction of fast of the president of Russia. We fine understood, under whom this fast becomes, we fine understood that Yeltsin becomes the president of Russia... It was the person strong, imperious. It really was the strong head. It it also appreciated, in it was it and charm " - so the former People`s Deputy of RSFSR Ilya Konstantinov remembers those times. It has soon passed in irreconcilable opposition to Yeltsin, but as the person objective, recognises an objective reality.

By then the authorities of RSFSR had a separate television, and it was used, of course, 4 campaign of the chairman of the Supreme body of RSFSR. But it did not need neither promotion, nor in public relations as now it is accepted, in political strategy shifts. Perhaps, it is possible to carry to area of political strategies (though then yet did not know this word) unless a nominee choice in vice-presidents.

colonel Alexander Rutsky, the Hero of Soviet Union, the veteran of the Afghani war who shortly before that declared creation in the Supreme body of RSFSR of new fraction W the paradoxical name " has been appointed To this role of the second plan; Communists for democracy " and by that has split deputy group " Communists of Russia " trying to confront with Yeltsin.

the Victim of presidential election

it is clear that the invitation of the Rutsky favourite in the command expanded Yeltsin`s electorate even more. BTW, Nikolay Ryzhkov has tried to make a reciprocal course, having invited the candidate for vice-presidents of another well-known " the Afghan " - general Boris Gromova.
Subsequently the destiny of one of winners of elections of 1991 of Alexander Rutsky has developed far not so happily, as destiny and career of many lost.

Thunders and Tuleyev to the present day work on fasts of governors, Ryzhkov - the councillor of Federation, Zhirinovsky - it is national (and even world-wide?) The known politician.

Rutsky, however, too then has had time to work as the governor of Kursk area, but B4 that has stayed some MTH in " to Sailor`s silence " on charge in the organisation of mass riots 3 - on October, 4th, 1993. BTW, on the same matter there passed also Makashov, and then both of them have been amnestied by the State Duma.

Rutsky it is possible to consider some kind of a victim of presidential election of 1991. It was necessary only for election campaign, and further Yeltsin co-workers have simply removed aside, as if the used subject, the colonel who has become already by the general.
it is clear that it could not be pleasant to the vice-president and has inevitably led to its rebellion, mutiny after which this post has been abolished.

As to the winner of pre-election race Boris Yeltsin promptly moved 2 the culmination of the political career. The triumpher and the national favourite, it could not assume those summer days 1991 in any way that victory on the following presidential election which will pass after five years, will demand such improbable efforts and will manage so expensively. But it already another story altogether.