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Director Siene Museum: we a little that buy, exhibits give to us

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- Yes, I very much would like to co-operate W Russian scientifically - technical museums, to do joint exhibitions, ESP in the field of space researches. Unfortunately, our museum does not have communications with scientific museums in Russia, and it is our weakness. At us the exposition reflects only the American or British participation in development and space studying, and Russia practically is not presented. Though everything that is connected with Russian astronautics, uses improbable popularity in Great Britain: British romaticize your researchers of space.

- That you have not bought a spaceship capsule " the East " at recent auction " Sotbis " in New York? After all on it as - in any way, all some days before Yury Gagarin`s flight in 1961 the Asterisk and a dummy of the person flied a dog.

- Money was not, but I very want to catch temporarily this object on an exhibition in our museum when a capsule will carry to Russia. (A capsule 4 returning to Russia the Russian businessman Evgenie Jurchenko for 2,9 million dollars - a comment red has got.) .

- W whom you have already agreed in Russia?

- Our museum is going to adjust close mutual relations W a perfect Polytechnical museum, we W pleasure would show whose collection in LDN. It is insulting that all know collections of technical museums in Prague or Vienna, and ABT the Russian have no the slightest representation. It seems to me that at scientific museums on a broader scale is much worse W communications, than at art - museums. For this reason technical museums of the whole world should work in the tideway of uniform strategy as much as possible full to communicate, opening, exhibitions.

- you after all have headed recently Siene Museum, and before   worked in Royal Academy of arts and were the deputy director of the Museum of Victoria and Albert. Than art museums from scientifically - technical differ?

- the Main difference of art museums from scientifically - technical that the first - the big snobs, and the second - are more democratic, are opened to all new. We constantly communicate with a great number of scientists which give us consultations or tell about the newest opening. Besides, to operate art - to museums is easier, than a museum technical. A picture, as a rule, hang up on a wall, and a sculpture put in a hall, and anything ESP do not explain, as public more or less knows history and chronology of art, imagines a difference between artists of Renaissance and impressionists. And to exhibit scientific exhibitions it is much more difficult: very few people has distinct idea about science history. It is necessary to offer difficult explanations, sometimes great research experiment uneasy to show.

- than That it is more in your museum: educational or entertaining?

- the Museum not school, and, coming to a museum, children would like to study. We understand it, therefore we do not set as the purpose to duplicate the school program, and only we give the chance to look at many facts or scientific problems W new, an unexpected side. We want to surprise visitors that they have wanted to understand that 2 what. Almost all our exhibits are interactive, and the museum part on a broader scale is intended only for children: there it is possible to climb, make experiments to master physics organic laws. Besides, we have cinema IMAX W 3D in which we show not only scientifically - popular films, but, for example, and a direct transmission from the well-known opera in Glajndborne (Glyndebourne).

- What cumulative budget of a museum?

- About 85 million dollars, but I can not tell that this money suffices us: the budget lion`s share leaves on collection maintenance   Scientifically - technical exhibits. If you knew, so much money devours service of the big museum buildings and collections! Also it is a global problem of museums of the whole world.

- As your museum and on a broader scale museums in Britain is financed?

- the Government finances only 21 museum, and the others, as a rule, get support from municipal sources. And only a few museums exists exclusively on private means. When there is a necessity to buy any expensive product in a collection money is searched at private funds, or undertake from fund of the National lottery.

the State gives an order of 70 % of all budget, and we RCV other part from several sources. At a museum there is a trading firm which operates museum shop where is on sale suvenirka and intellectual toys (we have a licence for their manufacture), besides, sometimes we hand over premises of a museum 4 carrying out of various actions and PRTs.

Other money is given by private sponsors (BTW, the London bankers as many studied physics or the mathematician at universities), and also the various companies like to support us. For example, many money gives Google, as at us the big computer section. On tickets we earn nothing, as an input free, and we sell tickets only on time exhibitions, which and so manage nedeshevo, and in a cinema.

- That such the National lottery?


- Weekly in Great Britain there passes the National lottery which brings in to the state the big income. All its means then disperse for various needs: for example, medicine, education and museums. At a lottery there is a special fund in which means accumulate - if necessary to redeem those national masterpieces, which can leave the country (at sale at auctions - a comment red.) . If it occurs, artefacts are passed museums.

- As you fill up a museum collection?

- We almost buy nothing, the majority of exhibits which are in a museum, to us have presented. Unlike painting and other subjects of art, technical inventions of the past stand not too expensively (except for, perhaps, hours) as it is a little collectors of technical antiquities. One of the most expensive subjects in this area - ancient locomotives. In the world there are all some collectors, and all of them of the man very rich which indulge itself detailed big toys 4 boys. I will tell at once that all steam locomotives which at us are, to us have been presented.

- In what a problem of modern museums?

- Nobody removed from a museum a problem of storage of knowledge and cultural values, preservations in memory of national achievements which allow people to understand and realise better today`s. Simultaneously the problem of museums - in that ogoroshivajushchem an information stream which rushes on the person from different directions and where ANY1 tries to submit the facts from the POV favourable to it to act as the original guidebook, a fair voice in the information world. Besides, people trust that information which is in museums. And, certainly, it is impossible to 4get about entertaining function of museums.