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" the Locomotive " W/ O the trainer and the Russian tennis players W/ O a title

Moscow, 10 ijun - News. Two matches of Russian national team on football and discharge from WRK of the trainer of football club " the Locomotive " (Moscow) Yury Krasnozhana became the focal points of the past week in the Russian sports. Besides, has come to the end " Rolan Garros " on which our tennis players did not remain W/ O a title, in solving stage has passed the Russian basketball championship, the Hall of glory of the Russian struggle has opened in Switzerland, and to journalists have shown preparing for Euro - 2012 football stadiums in Poland and in Ukraine.

" the Locomotive " W/ O the machinist

Yury Krasnozhana`s Dismissal from fast of the head coach of a soccer team " the Locomotive " Became a result of the five-hour session which have taken place on Monday of board of directors of club which was shined with sports mass-media literally in a mode online. Round this subject it is possible to explain mass stirrings by three pacing factors. In - the first, the information on management intention " the Locomotive " to dismiss Krasnozhana has appeared for two days before acceptance of the official decision. In - the second if to believe not named sources, which the first through the press have informed on club plans to leave the trainer a management have motivated " deliberate errors " admitted by it " in preparation, definition of a starting lineup and the replacements made in a house match 11 - go tour of the championship of Russia W " Anzhi " (1:2) ". The belief in this information was strengthened by the third factor - successful game " the Locomotive " on season start: B4 a match W Makhachkala club " Loko " occupied the first line in standings. Thus, sports results of the command could not become the reason of dismissal of the trainer.

If to lean exclusively against the official information Krasnozhan has been dismissed for " essential defect " which was available in its WRK. The developed explanatory of this formulation is not present, however the president of club Olga Smorodsky, being converted 2 fans in connection with resignation of the trainer, has declared that " the Locomotive " in pressing forward 2 as much as possible good results will lean against the main thing - to remain fair B4 them. Thus the head of club has reminded that " all history " the Locomotive " specifies that it is possible to reach successes only leaning against firm principles which should be followed, EVN when it is sick and heavy ".

Mesto Krasnozhana in " the Locomotive " at least till the end of the first circle its recent assistant Vladimir Maminov has occupied. Other shifts in a trainer`s staff of railwaymen has not occurred yet. At the same time, the probability of is great that Krasnozhan can shortly appear in other club Russian the prime minister - leagues - in mass-media are called " the Dynamo " and " Rostov ".

the Way 2 Euro and kamerunsky experiment

Results of matches of the sixth tour of a qualifying tournament of the European championship - 2012 on football have not brought changes in alignment of forces in group In - three Russian national teams, Slovakia and Ireland have saved leadership. Commands, having earned on three points, lost-free passed the next games of qualification of Euro. Wards of Dika of the Lawyer have won strong-willed victory in the field of stadium " Petrovsky " in St.-Petersburg over the command of Armenia with the bill 3:1. Roman Pavluchenko who was issued by the heth - trik became the main creator of success of Russians. In turn, Slovakia has changed houses of the outsider of group Andorra (1:0), and Ireland - on a visit Macedonia (2:0). The in the lead three has in the active on 13 points. On the fourth place Armenia (8 points), on the fifth - Macedonia (4) and a pole - Andorra (0) has settled down.

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After some days Russians have led in Salzburg a companionable match against a national team of Cameroon. Result of game W " Unrestrained lions " - 0:0 - has once again shown that it is difficult to football players of Russian national team to be adjusted on the matches which result has no value. OTOH, it is possible to explain absence of goals absence of sufficient mutual understanding in the field as the Lawyer on a match W Cameroon has exposed actually experimental structure. For the basic structure of a national team debuted the halfback Moscow " Spartaka " Alexander Sheshukov and havbek Kazan " the Ruby " Alexander Ryazantsev. In the second time in the field there was a beginner of a national team - the defender " the Locomotive " Taras the Barge haulier.

" Rolan Gaross ": Borg`s record - Nadalja and the Chinese revolution

the Open championship of France on tennis has come to the end past Sunday in Paris. In the man`s single category victory was gained by the strongest tennis player of a planet Raphael Nadal. The Spanish king of tennis already in the sixth time has won " Rolan Garros " having repeated, thus, a record of well-known Swede Bjoern Borg.

In a final of Nadal met Swiss Roger Federerom. It was 25 - I a series of opposition of two great players. From previous 24 - h MTGs 16 has won Nadal, including four - on " Rolan Garros ". Federer Nadalju persistent resistance in first three sets has shown, but has conceded in two of them, and on the further struggle the Swiss simply did not have forces. Nevertheless, 4 Federera the exit in the ending became the best result on Grand Slam tournaments since Australian Open - 2010, and its semifinal match W Serb Novak Dzhokovichem became on quality of game to one of the best during the last years as a whole.

Female " Rolan Garros " the Leah has ended with victory of the Chinese woman On which became the first tennis-player from Asia which has won a Grand Slam tournament. Leah On has shown the stablest tennis on the Parisian courts, having changed many tennis-players who were considered as pretenders to victory - the last year`s champion Italian Franchesku Skjavone in the ending, best of Russians on tournament Maria Sharapova in a semi-final, sharply progressing Byelorussian Victoria Azarenko in a quarterfinal.

In the female pair category Russian Elena Vesnina and Sanja Mirza from India have reached the ending where have conceded Andrea Glavachkovoj and Ljutsii Gradetsky of Czechia. Nevertheless, W/ O a champion title Russians this year have not left Paris. Our Irina Hromacheva in a duet W Ukrainian Marina Zanevsky became the winner " Rolan Garros " in pair juniorskom the category.

the Fifth campaign " himok " against CSKA

Basketball players situated near Moscow " himok " By heroic efforts have made the way in the ending of Professional basketball league (PBL), having recouped in a semi-final W the Kazan UNIX from bill 0 - 2 in a series. The present blockbuster the fourth match in this series, passing in Himkah has turned out. Owners on a MTG course conducted 18 points, but have allowed the rival to steal up to them closely, and only last seconds have pulled out victory W advantage of all in one point - 70:69. According to the defender " himok " Zorana Planinicha, in this match has been solved destiny of a series, and the fifth MTG was almost formality.

" At basketball players " himok " there was a big psychological advantage as we could recoup from bill 0 - 2 in a series, - the basketball player after the fifth match has told. - it seems to me, series exod has been predetermined in last match in which we have pulled out victory for some seconds till the end of a MTG. Would compare " Khimki " W a bird the Phoenix: We already so much time escaped in situations in which on us nobody put ".

In the ending " Khimki " in the fourth consecutive time and in the fifth in total will meet the Moscow CSKA which has understood three matches W Krasnodar " the Locomotive - Kuban ". While good luck did not smile to basketball players situated near Moscow in national championship decisive matches never: ANY1 of five series came to the end with victory of soldiers.

Euro Time - 2012 comes

past week return readout before European championship start on football of 2012 which will pass in Poland and Ukraine from June, 8th till July, 1st has begun. In connection with this date UEFA has organised media - tour 4 journalists of leading European editions to which number has got and " R - Sports ". Thanks to visit to the countries - mistresses of Euro - 2012 it became clear that the situation is far from the critical. However, from four Ukrainian cities which will accept the tournament, of ready arenas while Donetsk and Kharkov, though at the Kharkov stadium " can brag only; metallist " still it is necessary to lay a new lawn of the highest level.

Erection of arenas in Lvov and Kiev is in the heat, but the director of the Ukrainian part of Euro - 2012 Markijan Lubkivsky has assured the correspondent " R - Sports " that it, despite of everything, is adjusted optimistically. And the secretary general of UEFA Dzhanni Infantino has informed that Ukrainians who criticised earlier often for too slow rates of building, have achieved the big progress. " us have assured that all will be as it should be, and we believe in it. We are a little beaten out from the schedule, but in the autumn all objects should be ready, and we will have enough time completely to be prepared for Euro - 2012 " - the secretary general has told.

Polish Warsaw, Vrotslav, Poznan and Gdansk are approximately at the same stage of preparation, as the Ukrainian cities. The stadium is ready only in Poznan, nevertheless, and there it is necessary to spend new access roads. In Gdansk the arena 2 is almost finished - on Thursday on it EVN the companionable match W France should take place, but as a result it has been transferred on house stadium Warsaw " Legii ". And here " National stadium " in Warsaw and " Arena Vrotslav " while are far from commissioning though organizers promise that it will occur not later than October - 2011.

Glory of the Russian struggle

the Unique exposition telling ABT long-term story of the Russian school of struggle, has been solemnly presented on June, 3rd to residences of the International federation of incorporated styles of struggle (FILA), located in the Swiss lock Korze - sjur - Veve. Exhibition opening is dated FILA 2 140 - letiju from the date of a birth of legendary fighter Ivan Poddubny in which honour this year is intoned by year of the Russian struggle.

Guests of honour of a world feast of struggle of a steel of 13 Olympic champions whom 19 times rose on the higher step of a podium on Games different three from them - Alexander Medved, Alexander Karelin and Buvajsar Sajtiev - have achieved rare achievement, three times in succession having defeated on the Olympic Games.

monument opening to fivefold world champion Ali Aliev, the founder of the well-known Dagestan school of struggle became Bright event of evening of glory. Solemn ceremony was spent by the president of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov and the head of Federation of wrestling of Russia, the Olympic champion Michael Mamiashvili.