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Norway will finish participation in military operation in Libya by August, 1st

Moscow, 10 ijun - News. Norway by August, 1st will finish the participation in military operation in Libya, has informed on Friday agency Assoshiejted the Press referring to the Norwegian Minister of Defence Grete Faremo (Grete Faremo).

According to the head of department, the exit of Norway from military campaign will be stage-by-stage: at first it will reduce quantity of fighters F participating in operation - 16 from six B4 four, and by August the Norwegian planes completely will stop flights within the limits of mission of the NATO in Libya.

the Minister of Defence of Norway has expressed hope that allies on a coalition W understanding will concern this decision of Oslo, as, as she said, " at the Air Forces of Norway the small aircraft depot and the country does not presume to itself long participation of a considerable quantity of fighters " in operations abroad.

In a MSG it is SPK that on a share of fighters F - 16 Air Forces of Norway are necessary about 10 % of the aviablows put by aircraft of the NATO across Libya.

In the middle of February in Libya mass demonstrations W the requirement of leaving correcting the country Kaddafi who have outgrown in the armed opposition between the governmental forces and rebels have begun more than 40 years. The UNSF has entered on March, 17th bespoletnuju a zone over Libya. 4 maintenance bespoletnoj zones, embargo on arms supplies and protection of civilians a coalition of the western countries on March, 19th in Libya the military operation, which management in some days has completely passed the beginnings 2 the NATO. The mandate on operation expired on June, 27th, but on June, 1st the NATO has prolonged operation for 90 days - till the end of September.