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Dzerzhinsk can RCV the status of a special economic zone

the BOTTOM Novgorod, 10 ijun - News, Sergey Astafev. the Industrial zone of the city of Dzerzhinsk in the Nizhniy Novgorod region where the enterprises of the chemical industry are concentrated, can RCV the status of a special economic zone that will allow to involve new investors and to solve environmental problems, the governor of region Valery Shantsev has informed on Friday.

The day before president Dmitry Medvedev together with members of presidium of the State Council and ecologists has visited Dzerzhinsk which is an embodiment of ecological accident, and has demanded from officials and is more QIK to approve of deputies ecological bills, to adopt the European norms and to change the relation to the nature.

" It will give to investors who here come, privileges for upgrade, for creation of new productive forces and for elimination of the saved up ecological damage. It is very important 4 area and 4 the country as a whole " - Shantsev has told.

As he said, following the results of presidium of the State Council of the power have decided to develop corresponding position on creation of this zone.

Terms of creation and kinds of preferences 4 the investors working in this zone, the governor did not name.

Now in territory of Dzerzhinsk a number of the large chemical enterprises, in particular Open Society " operates; Sibur - Neftehim " Open Society " Factory sintanolov " a group of companies " Corundum " and " Akrilat ". These enterprises carry out processing of hydrocarbons, make various kinds of plastic, plexiglas, cyanic layers and another.