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MTS has organised 4 the Ministry of Internal Affairs remote access 2 databases

the cellular operator of MTS Largest in Russia has provided the mobile protected access 2 information resources of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in six cities of the Central region of the country, the News company on Friday has informed.

By means of a subsystem of mobile communication from MTS employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from the pedestrian and mobile dresses PPS, the traffic police and as other groups of a special purpose will get access to corporate information resources (the intranet - to a site, databases, file resources, corporate mail, applications) and to the Internet through channels EDGE/ 3G is direct on a venue of exit actions.

In quality " the pilot " the subsystem of mobile access has earned in Ivanovo, Kostroma, Tver, Smolensk, Yaroslavl, Kursk, has told to the correspondent of News the representative a press - services of operator Valery Kuzmenko. As she said, L8R the project will take root and in other regions Russian Federations.

Except access 2 databases, communication from MTS will allow cars of special services to get access to Russia accepted in the Ministry of Internal Affairs to system of satellite navigation, has added Kuzmenko.

the Press - the service of the operator could not specify quantity of mobile terminals of special services within the limits of the pilot project. According to the source the News, the project familiar with details, it is a question several thousand mobile devices.

project Financial side does not reveal. " AVG ARPU such " the client " will make an order 200 - 300 roubles that bears in favour of that services M2M (mashine - to - mashine or mobile - to - ma˝hine - information services on the basis of communication between several devices W/ O participation of the person) can make for the operator profit at voice communication level " - has explained a source.

MTS, which share in the Russian market M2M, by own estimation, makes 40 - 44 %, earlier declared that in the future indicator ARPU 4 ╠2╠ - subscribers in Russia will make 4 different decisions from 2 B4 15 dollars that approximately corresponds to indicators of the European telecommunications operators.

Expected annual growth of Russian market M2M till 2015 will make 45 - 55 %. All largest Russian operators in conditions more than absolute penetration of cellular communication into the country lay hopes on M2M as on a source of new connections and additional profit.

Now about 40 % ╠2╠ SIM - maps in Russia are used in navigating services, about 20 % - in measuring systems of monitoring of housing and communal services, about 20 % - in terminals of payment systems and cash dispenses, about 10 % - in security systems.