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Margelov in Bengasi and destiny of the European vegetables

Moscow, 10 ijun - News. the Last week, according to News, was remembered by a trip of the special representative of the president of the Russian Federation across Africa Michael Margelova in Bengasi, entering into the UN Security Council of the draught resolution on Syria, operation of the president of Yemen Ali Abdally Saleha, and also the summit Russia - EU in Nizhni Novgorod.

Margelov has visited Bengasi and is going to go to Tripoli


this week the special representative of the president of the Russian Federation across Africa Michael Margelov has visited a city - a stronghold of the Libyan oppositionists - Bengasi. There it has carried on negotiations W leaders of the transitive National board generated by the Libyan opposition, including W the head of advice Mustafoj Abdel Dzhalilem, heads of military and financial bodies of the National Council and W Mahmudom Dzhibrilem who responds in advice for external relations.

According to Margelova, the transitive National board oppositional to the Libyan leader Muamaru Kaddafi has suggested Russia to open representation in Bengasi. Margelov has told that has reported to Moscow on the president of the Russian Federation on the offer of transitive National board to open in Bengasi information mission or mission on contacts and communications, now business behind the decision of the president.

After Bengasi Margelov has gone to Cairo where has met cousin Kaddafi - Ahmed Kazzafom a hell - Damom Kaddafi.

During the trip Margelov has not gone to capital of Libya a city of Tripoli which is under control of Muamara Kaddafi and now is exposed to bombardments of a foreign coalition. As has informed News a source in delegation Margelova, such trip can take place L8R - possibly, in the second decade of June but only if it is recognised by expedient. As later has declared on a press - conferences in News Michael Margelov, it is going to go to capital of Libya Tripoli, however exact date of its trip is not defined yet. He 2 has declared the readiness to meet the head of Libya Muamarom Kaddafi if it is necessary and has requested a MTG with premieres - the minister of Libya and head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Libya.

On readiness of the USA to assist in granting of the NATO of a safe transport corridor 4 a trip of the special representative of the president of the Russian Federation of Michael Margelova to Tripoli to Friday of News have informed in committee administration on the international affairs of the Federation Council following the results of a MTG of Margelova with the American ambassador in Moscow John Bajerli.


Meanwhile, on Thursday in Abu - Dabi has taken place the third MTG of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the countries - participants of contact group across Libya. On it US State Secretary Hillari Clinton has declared that the Transitive national board (PNS) Libya is " the lawful representative " the Libyan people. The Libyan National Council already recognised France, Italy and Qatar. Great Britain declared intention to expand diplomatic, economic and humanitarian communications with the Libyan insurgents in a city of Bengasi, a stronghold of insurgents. US president Barack Obama invited representatives PNS to visit Washington.

Now military operation in Libya supervises over the NATO which has prolonged on June, 1st operation for 90 days - till the end of September. As the secretary general of the NATO Anders Fog Rasmussen has assured, the alliance does not plan land operation in Libya, and named three conditions of the termination of present operations. As he said, the NATO will achieve achievement of three accurate military purposes: in - the first, the full termination of all actions against civilians; in - the second, returning of all military parts and the militarised formations of Kaddafi in places of a constant disposition; and, in - the third, immediate and unlimited access of humanitarian cargoes 2 those who needs them.

the UNSF will consider in the near future the resolution across Syria


Great Britain, France, Germany and Portugal on Wednesday have submitted for consideration United Nations Security Council the updated draught resolution on Syria.

As inform the western agencies, the project has been softened that it did not seem to some members of Security Council a pretext to start military intervention as it has occurred to Libya.

4 resolution acceptance it is necessary to collect nine votes from 15 states entering into Security Council, and thus not to RCV the veto from one of five constant members of this body - Russia, the USA, Great Britain, France and China.

the Draft resolution, in particular, calls for the immediate termination of violence in Syria, denounces infringement of human rights and urges Damascus to provide immediately access of the international observers to the country. 2 the draught resolution calls the Syrian management for carrying out of political reforms and clearing of all political prisoners.

According to agency Rejter in spite of the fact that in the resolution TXT it is SPK that the countries have stopped arms supplies to Syria as the resolution does not mean that, weapon embargo.

Besides, in the resolution it is underlined that " crisis should be settled in Syria and the population of the country ".

Meanwhile, Moscow has already sharply designated the position, having opposed the NE resolution concerning Damascus. According to the official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation of Alexander Lukashevich, Russia against acceptance by Security council of the NE resolution across Syria also that the situation in this country does not represent security threat in the world. He has added that acceptance of the resolution concerning Damascus can lead still bolshej to escalation in Syria and in region as a whole, and settlement of the difficult situation which have developed in Syria, should be carried out by Syrians, W/ O intervention from the outside. Earlier ABT that Russia will not support the UN Security Council resolution across Syria, similar accepted across Libya, the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev declared also.

In turn, the special representative of the president of the Russian Federation across Africa Michael Margelov has declared that in the near future signs in Moscow delegation of the Syrian opposition.

the President of Yemen is treated zarubezhom, Russians leave the country

In the end of last week as a result of attempt the president of Yemen Ali Abdalla Saleh has RCVed some fragmental wounds and Ayr - Rijad on treatment has been urged to leave in capital of Saudi Arabia.

the Saudi doctors have performed successful surgical operation, having removed a splinter from a chest of the leader of Yemen, the Yemen leader has come to the senses and has held a MTG with the official representative of Saudi Arabia. It is expected that he will return home in some days.

According to mass-media, Saleh continues to supervise a situation in the country thanks to the son Ahmed and other approached persons. According to the constitution the power has temporarily passed 2 vice-president Abd Rabbo Mansuru Hadi who has initiated an armistice W the armed opposition in capital of the country the Dignity.

Meanwhile, the opposition achieving resignation by Saleha, has already declared that will not allow it to return to the country. 2 she in the categorical form has demanded from authorities in power within the next week to create transitive Advice of management in the country.

last week the diplomatic source has informed that Russia reduces embassy structure in capital of Yemen a city the Dignity where there are fierce collisions of the authorities and opposition. On Monday the group of employees of the Russian embassy in Yemen has returned home - 14 persons have arrived to Moscow.

On Thursday Moscow the official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Lukashevich has declared that Russia does not exclude acceptance of additional measures 4 safety of Russians in Yemen. On Friday of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia has informed that directs to Yemen for the Russians, wishing to leave this country, two planes. Silt - 76 and Silt - 62 deliver wishing to leave Republic Yemen of the Russian citizens home.

the Summit Russia and EU: cucumbers, visas, the WTO


the summit which has Come to the end in Nizhni Novgorod Russia - EU, contrary to expectations, did not become usual " verification of hours ". The parties managed to find the compromise on one of key problems who has arisen in mutual relations on the eve of a MTG. The Russian president on total a press - conferences declared that the Russian Federation is ready to renew deliveries of the European vegetables to the Russian market under EU guarantees. Now business for experts who should co-ordinate the security certificate.

the visa-free regime Subject 2 has not stood aside. However, here forecasts of experts have justified: any break has not occurred. The parties continue to work over the list of the joint steps necessary for cancellation of visas which coordination as Medvedev has declared, should come to the end till the end of July.

Negotiating process on party Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization 2 have estimated rather highly. Europeans do not hide that would like to C our country in this organisation already till the end of the year, and Dmitry Medvedev following the results of the summit has declared ABT " Gud chances " to finish negotiating process already during MTH, to leave valid by the end of the year for procedure of signing of documents on occurrence of Russia in the WTO.

Meanwhile, the parties have not avoided also a subject of deliveries to Russia of vegetables from EU. Some days before the summit beginning scandal in connection with the Russian embargo on delivery of vegetables from Europe - from - for distributions to the EU countries a dangerous intestinal infection has burst. Russia has entered on June, 2nd an interdiction for import into the Russian Federation agricultural production from all EU countries. The president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has informed following the results of the summit that Russia is ready to renew deliveries of vegetables from EU under guarantees of competent services of the European Union. As he said, experts from two parties should co-ordinate in the nearest future the certificate CFMing security of delivered production.