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Board " Rosneft " it is reduced B4 5 from 7 persons

New board of directors of the largest Russian oil company " Rosneft " has made decision to reduce number of trustees of the company B4 five from seven, head of advice Alexander Nekipelov has declared.

" It has been recognised by expedient to limit number of board five members, heads board (the president of the company) Edward Hudajnatov " - Nekipelov at a briefing after the first session of new board of directors has told. According to the company charter, its board is headed by the president.

Nekipelov earlier on Friday has been selected by the chairman of board of directors of the company instead of vitse - prime minister Igor Sechina who has left fast in connection with the initiative of president Dmitry Medvedev on a conclusion of profile ministers and vitse - prime ministers from boards of directors of state companies.

According to Nekipelova, 2 into board have entered and. An island The vice-president of company Gani Gilaev, the vice-president Larissa Galanda, the first vice-president Feodor`s Paul and the head of exchequer " Rosneft " Peter Lazarev.

Thus, vice-president Sergey Tregub, vice-president Peter have dropped out of board structure ABT Braen and the adviser of the president of company Rizo Tursunov, and Lazarev did not consist in former board.