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Inhabitants of Bryansk will light candles in memory of victims from drugs

the Antinarcotic action " the Wall of tears " organised by people who have RCVed freedom from a drug dependence, passes in the CTR of Bryansk on Friday, the correspondent of News broadcasts.

the Action " the Wall of tears " it is organised by people who have passed rehabilitation in the CTR " LUV " which works in village Kljukovniki of Navlinsky area of area more than seven years. At the special stands located on the Area the guerrilla, photos of young men, inhabitants of the Bryansk region, victims from drugs are placed. In their memory near stands candles in the evening will be lighted.

As Marina Sadovsky has told News the project head, the action will last B4 20. 00 Moscow time. " During the action young men, former narcodependent, tell youth that drugs and alcohol is not game and on their choice depends, a leah there will be they on " to a wall of tears " Or will live. The children released from dependence, distribute information booklets ABT harm of drugs and disks W a film " Stop falling in an abyss " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

the Action conceived in the rehabilitation CTR " LUV " according to Sadovsky, has supported regional committee on the youth policy, culture and sports, having allocated means for its carrying out.

the Rehabilitation CTR " LUV " it is based in 2003 and throughout several years successfully carries out preventive maintenance and rehabilitation of dependent people from alcohol, drugs, game machines.

Under the official information of management FSKN across the Bryansk region, for seven years of WRK through hands of experts of the CTR " LUV " has passed an order of 500 persons, from them 41 persons more than three years do not accept drugs are 8,2 % from all people who have converted into the CTR. Experts notice that it is a quite good indicator.