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Jamiroquai Moscow, 12 ijun - News will bring to Moscow a new album and a collection of unusual hats

. the Well-known British group Jamiroquai led by Jayson Keem (Jason Kay) and its collection of magnificent hats will act on Sunday in Moscow W new album Ro˝k Dust Light Star on a scene " the Crocus of City of the Hall " have informed News organizers.

the Release of the seventh under the bill of a plate of collective has taken place in November of last year. The group sound on Ro˝k Dust Light Star was displaced towards fate and funk, but EVN itself frontmen Jamiroquai finds it difficult to describe style of a new album.

" In the program which Jamiroquai bring to Moscow, new songs will alternate with hits of musicians of last years. It is logical, as in Russia the group acted for all history of the existence of all once, and much on that anshlagovyj the concert was not possible to get " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

As she said, " Jamiroquai prepares the most beautiful show 4 which the equipment part carries W itself, - will be both light, and stroboscopes, and it is a lot of suits ".

" Hangers have bought much " - the representative of organizers has assured, having added that frontmen groups 2 will please the Moscow spectators with the unusual hats which it collects.

In summary she has noticed that in Moscow B4 a part " the Crocus " Jamiroquai the warming up on which will act Russian - the Ukrainian actress the Fur-tree is planned. However, the interlocutor of agency has found it difficult to respond, a leah the British musicians know about it.

Group Jamiroquai formed in 1992, is one of the brightest representatives British a jazz - funk and ejsid - a jazz 90 - h. Name Jamiroquai was thought up by the soloist of group Dzhej Kej, having connected words jam - spontaneous improvisation of group of musicians - and Iroquois - the name of nation of North American Indians.

For the career the group has let out seven albums, sold in the circulation more than 25 million copies, has RCVed set of musical awards, including " the Grammy " and four awards MTV, and their album Travelling Without Moving of 1996 funk has got to the Guinness Book of Records, as the most sold album in style. Later music Jamiroquai began to cover many directions, including the priest - funk, a disco, fate, a reggae, electronic directions and others.