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Strike will not solve problems of aviadispatchers

In the government of Russia consider that by strikes and hunger-strikes aviadispatchers will not achieve performance of the requirements.

> as has declared on Monday " News " the high-ranking source in the Russian cabinet, such forms of the protest are not adequate 4 the permission of labour disputes.

the interlocutor of agency has thus underlined that hunger-strikes and strikes of aviadispatchers directly do not concern the governments as aviadispatchers are not state employees, and work on corporation.

the source has found it difficult to comment on efficiency of such form of the protest as hunger-strike, having noticed that " is not the dietician ".

In the government have reminded of strike of pilots passing in Russia, which " at all has not paralysed movement of sea transport ". All over the world, the interlocutor " has noted; News " There is a fulfilled practice of replacement of civil aviadispatchers by the military personnel. The source considers that as soon as striking aviadispatchers " will prove that W/ O them it is possible to manage, their employers will make the logical decision and will do without those who is going to strike or starve ".

In the government have reminded 2 that the AVG salary of aviadispatchers in Russia on 70 percents above, than on the average in the industry.