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New Year trees are established in streets already almost all cities of Russia

New Year trees established in streets already almost all cities of Russia, and shops and the markets prepare for flow of buyers, correspondents " pass; News ".

Petropavlovsk - KAMCHATKA. New Year`s ornaments 4 the main fur-tree of Kamchatka were prepared by pupils of art school. Sketches of 70 toys, ANY1 in the size about metre, children have made long before New Year`s celebrations. The city administration has provided young masters with a fabric, paints, a cardboard, glue.

the main fur-tree of peninsula is already established on the Theatre square of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij. The wood beauty has been delivered by helicopter from Milkovsky area.

for the organisation of New Year`s feasts from city budget it is allocated nearby 179 tys roubles.

in streets of the regional CTR live fur-trees are on sale at the price from 150 B4 1500 roubles, depending on " Wooliness " and heights.

in shops and in the area markets flow of buyers is observed. According to polls to give kamchattsy prefer New Year`s souvenirs, toys, perfumery, clothes. Depending on welfare, people are ready to spend for New Year`s gifts from 100 roubles B4 several thousand.

many manufactured goods stores of area in Prenew Year`s days offer buyers of a discount B4 50 percents At the same time, the prices for foodstuff and wine - vodka production have considerably grown.

Krasnoyarsk . The group of Krasnoyarsk climbers has given the fellow countrymen an original New Year`s surprise - for one and a half thousand roubles Father Frost W a bag of gifts is not through doors, and through a street window. Thus the Snow Maiden will arrive into place in the regular way and together with all becomes " to call " Father Frost.

as have informed " News " climbers, to it " absolutely W/ O a difference " On what floor there is a necessary window. Despite 20 - 25 - gradusnye frosts, demand for this service grows, but it is exclusive among well-founded townspeople.

usual Krasnoyarsk citizens are considerably constrained at acquisition of New Year`s or Christmas gifts, despite seasonal sale. B4 80 percents of Krasnoyarsk citizens buy gifts not in shops, and in the markets.

the price of the fur-trees delivered from a taiga, irrespective of their height, reaches in a city B4 250 - 300 roubles. And for 3 - it is necessary to give a kilogramme goose not less than 500 roubles. So many townsmen replace these attributes of New Year`s feasts habitual before with fur-tree branches and local hens which are much cheaper. Thus so-called " Bush`s legs " 4 a New Year`s table use the least demand.

Novosibirsk. On " to the Siberian fair " in Novosibirsk has lighted New Year`s fires " the Main fur-tree of Siberia - 2003 ". Its official opening will take place on December, 28th. This year " the Main fur-tree " marks the fifth anniversary. For these years a New Year`s hall " the Siberian fair " has visited 250 tys visitors from 17 regions of Russia.

and in the Novosibirsk philharmonic society in the big hall of a philharmonic society in days of European Christmas, 24 - on December, 25th, public the concert project " will be presented; the Advent stars ". For the first time in one concert " will meet " different musical styles: opera art, a jazz, a popular platform, fate - music.

Saratov. Six thousand children - orphans and children without parental support, pupils of boarding schools, children from having many children and needy families, from foster homes will visit in Saratov a governor`s fur-tree. It will pass in days of school vacation from January, 2 till January, 7th in the Saratov drama theatre. To all children will hand over expensive gifts.

In winter vacation of 250 pupils of boarding schools will make excursions to Moscow, Volgograd, on " to the Golden Ring of Russia ".

Pskov. 52 children from the Pskov area will visit on the Kremlin fur-tree Moscow. They are children of the military men who were lost on duty, and children from socially not protected families - children at the age from 7 till 12 years almost from all areas of the Pskov area.

journey, a food, residing and excursions are completely paid for capital from control facilities affairs of the president of the Russian Federation.

children from the Pskov area invite on " the main fur-tree " the countries the second year. Last year on a feast have visited, basically, children of commandoes of the Pskov division, victims in the Chechen Republic, and orphans from children`s homes.

Petrozavodsk. On Monday in Petrozavodsk celebratory programs which will last till January, 7th when orthodox Christmas is marked begin.

in city microdistricts 13 New Year trees near to which schoolboys have constructed snow small towns are established. On New Year`s Eve round green beauties will drive round dances, to arrange competitions and Fathers Frost competitions - who will throw a valenok further or the New Year`s congratulation will more loudly shout.

on the central skating rink " the Youth " will pass ice representation, the ski feast, a cup of the mayor on football are planned.

all celebrations pass under the badge of a MTG of anniversary year - in 2003 to Petrozavodsk 300 years are executed.

in city centre holiday fair was developed. The most popular souvenirs - figures and images of a sheep, a symbol of coming year. In capital of Kareliya unknown splash in sales of the mobile phones is noted also, which townspeople get in a gift. According to the network companies, daily to cellular communication it is connected in two - three times of more subscribers, than in usual days.

Rostov - ON - Don. About 700 children from Southern federal district will go on the all-Russian fur-tree to the Kremlin palace.

as have informed " News " in a press - service of the device of the plenipotentiary, the most part of children - from the villages kept away from the city CTRs and villages. On a fur-tree pupils of children`s homes and children from needy families, and also achieved Gud successes in study and sports will go. 4 sending on the Kremlin fur-tree the special train from 17 cars will be generated.

Samara. the Majority samartsev do not feel approach of New year. The data of poll spent by the correspondent " bears to it; News " in one of shopping centres of Samara.

By words samartsev, it is connected with absence of celebratory atmosphere in a city. Though about New year there was all a week, on city streets practically there are no ornaments. Till now fur-trees are not established, garlands are not hanged out. As have informed in the city mayoralty, " the fluffy beauty " on a city main square - the areas of Kuibyshev - it will be established only by December, 25th.

however, the majority samartsev SPK that New year - one of the feasts most LUVed by them, and therefore they will try to cheer up to the relatives.

almost all interrogated will prepare New Year`s surprises 4 relatives, friends and fellow workers. They plan to spend for gifts from 500 B4 5 thousand roubles. To the relatives samartsy plan to present Gud perfumery, clothes which will pack and will put under a fur-tree. And acquaintances are expected by symbolical gifts - the main thing as admitted samartsy that anybody in this feast did not feel the deprived ATTN.

The Most modest New Year`s table will manage to inhabitants of Samara in 800 roubles. By tradition, the menu include champagne, salad " Olivier " a meat dish and fruit. However within the next few days, by a recognition of sellers, the prices for products will rise approximately on 10 - 15 percents

Ulyanovsk. Despite modest incomes (the AVG salary in the Ulyanovsk region hardly more than 3 tys roubles), almost anybody from uljanovtsev is not going to refuse to spend New Year from tradition behind a festive table under an elegant fur-tree and to make gifts.

as has shown the telephone express train - poll, on a table will be traditional salad " Olivier " a herring " under a fur coat " salad from crab sticks, pelmeni. In grocery shops while flow of buyers it is not observed - its sellers W8 five days prior to New year.

More well-founded uljanovtsy reserve places at restaurants where the MTG of New year it will manage from 1,5 B4 2,5 tys roubles. At some restaurants of places already is not present.

Unfortunately, not all uljanovtsy is presumed EVN by small gifts. Pensioners complain that small pensions do not allow them to give gifts to grandsons and to buy a fur-tree. The live fur-tree costs about 80 roubles. According to one of pensioners, " better on this money to buy meat kg ".

Saransk. In capital of Mordovia obvious stratification of our society is visible in shops on the threshold of large feasts. At once is evident, how much and what products this or that citizen buys. Some modestly take a standard set of products, and baskets of others burst with a various delicacy literally.

In which already time tried to use Holiday turmoil market dealers, annually in the end of December raising the prices for products from 40 B4 60 percents this year a situation has decided to take over the control of the republican government. The Mordovian prime minister Vladimir Volkov has declared that the state reserve from principal views of products will be created. This statement and the followed concrete measures have cooled eagerness of sellers which laid hopes on December " a gain ". Local officials trace the prices first of all on essential commodities: sugar, cheese, sausages and groats.

in a choice of gifts inhabitants of capital of Mordovia lean, first of all, against a thickness of the purse. At buyers departments of children`s toys, perfumery and clothes use the greatest popularity. W pleasure people and knickknacks which earlier in a province were a rarity - pictures, buy up figurines, vases.

Murmansk. In Murmansk on a main square Five corners the main fur-tree of area has opened. By tradition opening ceremony was accompanied by procession of schoolboys in the fancy dresses, the dramatized representation W Father Frost participation and the Snow Maidens, and also fireworks.

Murmansk already from the beginning of December is decorated by New Year`s symbolics, fur-trees, illumination. Christmas sales and New Year`s markets work from the end of November - influence next Norway and Finland which in good time begin preparation for Christmas affects.

last week January carrying out of competition of ice and snow figures " is planned; Snow imagination ". Usually competition was spent B4 New year, however last years in December in Murmansk dropped out so not enough snow that it 4 konkursantov should be carried from - for cities. Therefore the mayoralty has moved competition on the end of January.