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To Moscow there is an anticyclone from Scandinavia - frosts in Moscow and area frosts in Moscow will amplify

Within the next few days and area will amplify.

as have informed on Tuesday " News " in the Moscow meteobureau, it is connected by that the capital region will be under the influence of the Arctic anticyclone which has come from Scandinavia. Friday and Saturday will be the frostiest days - the night temperature can fall B4 a minus of 28 degrees, it is expected B4 23 degrees in the afternoon.

on Wednesday small overcast and snow is expected. In capital at night the temperature will fall B4 a minus of 22 degrees, on area - B4 24. In the afternoon in Moscow the temperature will not rise above a minus of 17 degrees, in Moscow suburbs - 17 - 20 frosts. A wind northern, 2 - 6 m/ W.

As weather forecasters have informed, for the past 22 days of December in Moscow and area were not marked any thaw. In it MTH is similar to December, 2001. But in last " to a five-day week " Last year W the Atlantic cyclones in capital has started to arrive warmly. Since December, 26th the temperature began to raise.