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No changes in the status of Sevastopol and the Russian Black Sea fleet will occur

Any changes in the status of Sevastopol and the Russian Black Sea fleet will not occur.

as the correspondent " passes; News " it was declared to journalists by Ministers of Defence of Russia Sergey Ivans and Ukraine Vladimir Shkidchenko after end of two-day negotiations.

answering a question on possible change of the status of Sevastopol in connection with a forthcoming conclusion of the Russian military bases from Georgia, Sergey Ivans has underlined that the Russian Black Sea fleet is based on territory of Ukraine according to the Big contract from 1997, signed on 20 years.

at the same time as has underlined Ivans, " EVN Gud contracts need eventually development and addition depending on a situation ".

The Big contract on the Black Sea fleet will be added in the near future by new agreements taking into account the changed situation, the Russian minister has informed.

WRK over additions and arrangements, as he said, goes in the Ministries of Defence of two countries and in the subcommittee created specially 4 the decision of questions under the status of the Black Sea fleet, in Russian - the Ukrainian mixed commission.

" I believe that new agreements will be prepared and signed in the near future " - has underlined Ivans.

from its part the Minister of Defence of Ukraine named incorrect a question on the status of Sevastopol. " the city is an Ukrainian, its position is defined by the Ukrainian legislation as a city of republican submission, and any changes, including from - for situations in Georgia, will not occur " - has informed Shkidchenko.

the Minister of Defence of Russia has added that concerning the Russian bases in Georgia " Are conducted while fruitless negotiations " but no hasty conclusion of bases will exist.