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In Berlin will pass " a Christmas stock exchange of gifts "

/. In Berlin if you did not like a Christmas gift, it can be exchanged. As the correspondent " passes; News " the term " a Christmas stock exchange of gifts " for quite some time now became in Germany not only known, but also popular.

2NITE on Tuesday half-dozen restaurants and cafe of capital of Germany invite all who without dependence from age and the reasons feels lonely in Christmas Eve when the great bulk of Germans gifts each other in the family circle with gifts, to spend time under jazz and blues sounds.

except " lonely " are invited and " unsatisfied ". It is a question of those who is not happy with the gift RCVed from relatives. To the applause of cheerful public this day it is possible to exchange received as a present " unnecessary " a bottle W " a cream after shaving " On, say, desk lamp, the form and which colouring of the lamp shade have spoilt celebratory mood still to someone from the come.