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the Metropolitan Minsk and Slutsky Philaret asserts that in the CIS countries a problem of distribution of a HIV - infections " has character of epidemic "

the Problem of distribution of a HIV - infections in the CIS countries " has character of epidemic ".

ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " an exarch vseja has declared on Tuesday patrshy to Belarus, a metropolitan Minsk and Slutsky Philaret.

acting on opened in Moscow in department of external church communications of Moscow Patrhata scientifically - a practical seminar concerning participation of Russian Orthodox Church in preventive maintenance and struggle against AIDS distribution, the priest has declared that in the CIS a HIV problem - infections " has risen in a rank of the problems menacing to the existence of a society ".

the Representative of the incorporated program of the United Nations on a HIV/ to AIDS Tatyana Shumilina from its part informed that less than for 8 years HIV epidemic - infections has been registered in 86 of 89 regions of Russia.

Now in the Russian Federation is from above 222 tys a HIV - infitsirovanyh citizens.

seminary students of Russian Orthodox Church, scientists and social scientists take part in seminar WRK on a problem of struggle against AIDS.