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the sending Organization home victims in an air crash in Iran the Isfahansky aircraft factory

will incur the Organization of sending of bodies home victims in plane An air crash - 140 in Iran home will incur Isfahansky aircraft factory. ABT it " News " the consul general of Russia being on a place of airplane crash in Isfahan Ivan Isachenko has phoned.

As he said, " most likely, bodies will be forwarded by a charter flight ".

" Now the accident area is surrounded by local life-saving services, search of remains of victims, their documents and personal things " is conducted; - the diplomat has informed.

onboard An which have suffered an air crash - 140 in Iran there were representatives of high rank of airlines " Avionics " ANTK " Antons " " Aeroforce " " Interami " and " the Ruby ". In total aboard was 48 passengers and crewmen.

An - 140 Ukrainian airlines " the Aerobridge - Kharkov " has taken off from Kharkov Isfahan in Iran W intermediate landing in the city of Trabzon to Turkey went to the city of Ardistan of a province.

It was planned that the Ukrainian and Russian experts advising the Iranian aviabuilding factory, will take part in celebrations concerning release of second serial plane Iran - 140, made in Iran.

the contract on the organisation of a batch production of plane An - 140 Ukraine and Iran have signed in 1995. Assemblage of planes was carried out on the basis of the Iranian aviabuilding factory HESA in the city of Isfahan with the assistance of the Kharkov aircraft factory.