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Javier Solana reproaches Saddam Hussein

the Leader of Iraq Saddam Hussein co-operates with inspectors of the United Nations insufficiently.

as the correspondent " passes; News " W such statement the sovereign representative of EU on foreign policy and security Javier Solana after a MTG in Bruxelles W the main inspector of the United Nations in Iraq Hans Bliksom has acted on Thursday.

" I completely share a position of mister Bliksa: we demand from Saddam Hussein`s mode of more active sodestvija " - Solana has declared.

thus he has underlined that does not consider war against Iraq inevitable. However " a ball on the party of Iraq " Solana has noted.

" I and mister Bliks we think that time which has been taken away 4 the decision, is not unbounded " - the representative of high rank of EU has underlined, meaning session of the UN Security Council laying ahead on January, 27th where the situation round Iraq will be discussed.

Head of diplomacy of EU considers that its position reflects the POV of all countries of the union though they and differ from each other. If Great Britain actively supports the American threat of the military action against Iraq a number of the EU countries, in particular, Germany, it is resolute against war.

according to Solana, from the European POV, it would be much better, if NE possible application of force against Iraq has been authorised by the UNSF resolution.