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Tax revenues in 2002 have made of Moscow about 18 percents of the federal budget

the Share of tax revenues of management of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection (UMNS) the Russian Federation across Moscow in the general receipts of the federal budget for 2002 has made about 18 percents ABT it " News " have informed in department on WRK from mass-media and to public relations UMNS the Russian Federation across Moscow.

for 11 MTH 2002 by capital tax department it has been mobilised in the consolidated budget almost 363 mlrd rub from which 181 mlrd rub it is necessary on the federal budget and 182 mlrd rub - on city budget.

growth of receipts in comparison with the same period of last year under the consolidated budget almost on 137 percents, on the federal budget - on 141 percents is thus provided and on city - on 133 percents the Pure gain of receipts has made 98 mlrd rub from which 53 mlrd rub it is necessary on the federal budget and 45 mlrd rub - on the budget of Moscow.

Thus charges of one worker of the Moscow tax departments in 5 times more low, than as a whole across Russia. So, expenses on one tax employee across Russia make more than 1 rouble on 100 roubles of the taxes which have entered budgetary system while across Moscow this indicator makes 20 copecks on 100 roubles.