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Interview of the official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia of Alexander Jakovenko " News " in connection with a forthcoming Economic forum of EvrAzES in Moscow

- signing in 1995 of the Agreement on the Customs union between Russia and Belarus which then Kazakhstan and Kirghizia have joined became the First step 2 creation of the Euroasian economic community (EvrAzES).

an important stage of development of cooperation between these countries was the conclusion them in 1996 of the Contract on integration deepening in economic and humanitarian areas in which there was an object in view - creation in the long term " communities of the integrated states " a way " stage-by-stage deepening of integration in economy, a science, education, culture, social sphere and other areas at observance of the sovereignty of the parties ". The coordination of a foreign policy and joint protection of borders was provided 2.

On February, 26th, 1999 Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Russia and Tajikistan have signed the Contract on the Customs union and Uniform economic space.

on October, 10th, 2000 in Astana presidents of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Russia and Tajikistan had been signed the Contract on establishment of the Euroasian economic community, become by a basis 4 transfer of cooperation of five states into qualitatively new level. The contract is ratified by all states-participants and on May, 30th, 2001 has come into force.

the major precondition of the further development of integration cooperation within the limits of the Euroasian economic community is expansion of mutually advantageous communications at level of managing subjects in real sector of economy, active inclusion in activity of Community of wide business circles of member states. The Economic forum of EvrAzES which will pass in Moscow 19 - on February, 20th under the aegis of heads of the governments of the countries of Community also urged to contribute in it. Representatives of bodies of legislative and executive power, the enterprise organisations, integration structures EvrAzEs will take part in its WRK.

Will open action the President of Kazakhstan Noursultan Nazarbayev who in the autumn of last year has put forward idea of the Forum.

to what discussion of questions the ATTN of participants of the Forum will be concentrated?

- Within the limits of seven " round tables " it is supposed to discuss a wide range of actual problems: Interaction in real sector of economy and an effective utilisation of scientific and industrial potential of member states EvrAzEs, problems of mutual trade, manufacture of the goods and granting of services in connection with the introduction of member states into the WTO, currency - financial, customs and transport aspects of integration, interaction development in thermal power station sphere, cooperation in agroindustrial sector and maintenance of food security, a role of mass-media in formation of the general information field of EvrAzES.

What value, in your opinion, can have this Forum 4 development of economic partnership between entering in the countries EvrAzEs?

- we Count that the Economic forum in Moscow will give a positive impulse to processes of real integration of member countries EvrAzEs.

it is expected that concrete reasons and offers will be developed and reflected in the Forum in the total document. It ESP is important in the light of forthcoming consideration in Interstate Sovete EvrAzES of a question on ways of increase of overall performance of Community.

as a whole the representative format of action and a wide spectrum of discussed problems allow to bring an attention to the question on giving to such MTGs of regular character. On this basis the mechanism of constant dialogue, search of ways of the optimum account of interests and possibilities of all participants of many-sided integration process - the authorities, business - communities, the public could be created.

thus concrete results in development of national economies, increase of welfare of citizens of member states EvrAzEs will be an overall objective and criterion of an estimation of overall performance.