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Israelites raise blockade of the Palestinian territories

the Minister of Defence of Israel Shaul Mofaz has made decision to cancel a total block of the Palestinian territories the Israeli army and to allow all Palestinians having the work permit in Israel, to drive on territory of the country. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " has informed on Tuesday the Israeli radio.

> it is a question ABT more than 8 tys the Palestinians possessing the work permit within so-called " green line " and nearby 6 tys the Palestinians having the work permit in industrial zones, located in the Jewish settlements.

The Total block of territories of the West Bank of Jordan and Gaza Strip, including an interdiction for entrance to Israel the Palestinian workers and restriction in movement of transport belonging to Palestinians, has been entered by the order of the Minister of Defence on the eve of a Muslim feast of Id al - Adha/ immolations/ in connection with the arrived information on intention of the Palestinian extremist organisations to carry out a number of acts of terrorism.

representatives of the Ministry of Defence of Israel have informed that the quantity of preventions of preparing acts of terrorism has considerably decreased after some acts of terrorism have been prevented.