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Frenchmen consider Chirac`s actions concerning war in Iraq " justified " and " courageous "

the Majority of Frenchmen is estimated by actions of the president of the country of Jacque Chirac concerning war in Iraq as " justified " and " courageous ". The data of last poll public mgnenija, spent by sociological service " is that; Luis Harissa - AOL " published on Tuesday the newspaper " Liberaton ".

> As the correspondent " passes; News " 83 percents of respondents consider " justified " counteraction of France by the USA in the Iraq question, and 77 percents of Frenchmen name Chirac`s behaviour " courageous ".

the Position of a management of France declaring pressing forward to disarm Iraq, but refusing military intervention against Bagdad W/ O the UN Security Council sanction, poddrezhivaet 83 percents of the population of the country. Only 15 percents of the interrogated have opposed it, 2 percents have refrained from the answer.

According to the research data, 53 percents of the French citizens consider positive " to oppose Americans W highly lifted head " more than 40 percents consider it " risky ".

the Telephone survey was spent 14 - on February, 15th among thousand persons is more senior 18 years.