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In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation the exhibition devoted 125 has opened - letiju clearings of Bulgaria from osmanskogo yokes

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia on Tuesday the exhibition devoted 125 - letiju clearings of Bulgaria from osmanskogo yokes has opened. As the correspondent " passes; News " the ambassador of Bulgaria in Russia has taken part in its opening Ilijan Vasilev.

At an exhibition a number of the exhibits connected with this historical event is presented. In particular, visitors can C 75 - kg the metal arms of the Russian empire which have been placed on a pediment of the first diplomatic representatives of Russia in Bulgaria/ gift of embassy of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria/, a cross and the ADDY of the Bulgarian people to Alexander The Second W expression of gratitude of Russia for clearing of Bulgaria of a Turkish yoke.

some visible Bulgarian figures after signing in 1878 the Dignity - the Stefansky peace treaty which has finished Russian - Turkish war, have taken the lead to direct this ADDY of Russia. After drawing up of the TXT the ADDY was litografirovan and is extended on the Bulgarian cities 4 signing. In total signature under it have put 137 tys 234 persons - every tenth adult inhabitant.

answering a question " News " Ilijan Vasilev has noticed that the today`s exhibition has called it " splash in emotions ". " I have tried to feel experience of Bulgarians of that time when them have released from osmanskogo yokes " - the ambassador has told. As he said, 500 - the summer period of abiding under a yoke meant " loss of identification, feeling of the world of history ".

Vasilev has noticed that for last 12 years our countries were to interrupt on the verge mutual feeling of traditions which was saved in national memory. " unfortunately, the new generation of Russians and Bulgarians knows about it " a little; - the ambassador has told. At the same time, it has expressed hope that if we will remember is more often the past, we can change and a direction " Realisation of the future ". Thereupon it has reminded ABT laying ahead in the beginning of May visit of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Bulgaria and has expressed " deep confidence that we go on a correct way ".

As head Russian has declared earlier the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vladimir Putin will visit W the first state visit Bulgaria in the beginning of March.

the exhibition passes in the CTR of history of the Russian service which has been opened on September, 11th, 2001.