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Peacemakers in Kosovo are resulted in a status of the raised alertness

the International peacekeeping forces in Kosovo/ KFOR/, including the Russian peace-making contingent, resulted in a status of the raised alertness in connection with the war beginning in Iraq.

ABT it " News " the commander of the Russian military contingent the general - major Nikolay Kriventsov has informed.

As he said, command KFOR does not exclude carrying out in Kosovo of the acts of terrorism directed, first of all, against Americans and Englishmen, however objects of an attack can become and peacemakers from other countries.

Nikolay Kriventsov has noticed that a situation round the Russian military men in Kosovo " quiet ". The Russian soldiers and officers continue to carry out the peace-making problems assigned to them. At the same time, the commander has noted, on performance of tasks military men go in bullet-proof vests, helmets and at obligatory presence of communications mediums.

Under the informal data, civil mission of the United Nations in Kosovo and KFOR have RCVed the prevention from the USA that W the war beginning in Iraq actions of terrorists - suicides are possible. At the same time, in UNMIK consider carrying out of such actions in Kosovo improbable, noticing that preventions from the USA carry " the general character " also concern the whole world.

the local mass-media leaving in the Albanian language inform that ABT possible danger of acts of terrorism all regional representatives of police of the United Nations, Kosovan police and boundary police are warned.