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Term of arrest of three Latvian natsional - Bolsheviks is prolonged for MTH

Court of Ziemalsky area of Riga has prolonged for MTH - till April, 22nd - term of arrest of three members natsional - Bolshevist public organisation " Victory ".

39 - summer rizhanka Olga Morozova, and also two inhabitants of Daugavpils - 20 - summer Rajmond Krumgolds and 21 - summer Arthur Petrov are accused of appeals 2 violent overthrow of the government in Latvia and explosive storage.

the Latvian security police has arrested natsional - Bolsheviks during the investigation of the criminal case raised in October, 2002, in connection with detection in one of buildings on suburb of Riga of an explosive of 5 kg and about thousand the leaflets addressed " to slav brothers ". In them Russian-speaking inhabitants of Latvia were called for overthrow of the power existing in the country, in particular, 2 performance against Vaira Vick`s president - Frejbergi.

In court of Ziemelsky area of Riga to the correspondent " News " have explained that arrest term natsional - Bolsheviks is prolonged at the desire of Office of Public Prosecutor. The extra time 4 an end of the investigation on brought against their actions is necessary for it.

on the same business there passes also the leader Latvian natsional - Bolsheviks Vladimir Linderman. However, it is outside of Latvia, according to the Latvian police - in Russia. Linderman it is put on the international wanted list.