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About 400 foreigners - refugees of profit from Iraq to Jordan

About 400 foreigners - refugees have arrived on Friday from Iraq to Jordan, arrival of the first big group of Iraqis is expected.

according to the correspondent of satellite TV channel Abu - Dabi from frontier settlement Ar - Ruvejshid/ 440 km 2 the east from Amman/ where two camps 4 the refugees are developed, arrived - basically citizens of the Arabian countries - Sudan, Egypt and others.

now they are placed in special transit camp 4 foreigners where CK their documents before sending home. Some of refugees need medical aid.

the second camp while is empty, but according to a source, during short time arrival of the big group of the Iraq refugees is expected.

The Jordanian authorities have declared earlier that will not let in Iraqis the country and they remain in frontier camp under the care of employees international komissata the United Nations on affairs of refugees of m of the international organisation of the Geneva cross.