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Belarus denounces aggression of the USA against Iraq

. The Belarus people denounce aggression of the United States against Iraq. It was declared on Friday by the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, being converted 2 compatriots on the occasion of 60 - letija from the date of tragedy of Khatyn.

according to Lukashenko, " we are again convinced that the history so and has not taught many to anything - they on - former, throwing down to mankind a challenge, push it 2 a precipice ". " the Satanic host and violence methodically and teleologically launch wars " - he has underlined.

the Belarus president has reminded that for years of the Second World War fascists have burnt and have destroyed in Belarus more than two hundred cities, about ten thousand villages, more than two hundred thousand industrial and agricultural enterprises. Belarus then has lost about three millions persons.

" I had to C the person of a present aggressor in Yugoslavia, and now all of us C this person in Iraq " - has noted Lukashenko.

he considers that the cynicism of the present military action in Iraq consists that, in advance preparing an attack, the USA ignored a world community position. " their arguments - not documentary ACK of fault of Iraq in terrorism, and the right strong to manage court over all at own discretion " - the Belarus leader has declared.

Lukashenko has expressed a regret concerning that and it was not possible to unite effort of the peace loving countries and to block razvjazyvanie wars.

according to the president, Byelorussians not can is indifferent to look at tragedy of hundreds thousand people and to leave the Iraq people in a misfortune. " the Iraq children, women and the old men who have suffered from the American aggression, should feel our care and our help " - has noted Lukashenko.

" together with the overwhelming majority of the states of the world we will support the people of Iraq these tragical days " - the Belarus president has underlined.